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Death of celebrated yachting cartoonist

Yachting Cartoonist Mike Peyton, a unique commentator on the sailing scene for more than 60 years, died 25 January just five days after his 96th birthday.

A modest, shy man, he eschewed the spotlight and seemed unaware of the esteem which in sailors all around the world held him.

With a few squiggly lines from his pen he took people to the heart and soul of sailing and sailing’s cock-ups. There was no other sailing cartoonist in the world to match his elegant, economical wit and wisdom. He said he got his best ideas sitting in the bath.

His humour was gentle, rather than vulgar, brash or cruel. As well as a superb draughtsman, he had a winning way with words, whether it was a clever punch line, a headline or a caption.

He was a great storyteller – as anyone who sat beside the glowing coal stove on his boats can testify.

Mike Peyton who lived near North Fambridge in Essex is survived by his wife Kathleen and daughters Hilary and Veronica.

Last year, the Yachting Journalists’ Association presented him with a Lifetime Achievement award and dubbed him ‘the Picasso of sailing.’

In 2011 The Royal Cruising Club awarded him a Medal for Services to Cruising in 2011 for ‘encouraging others to pick themselves up from near disaster and learn from their mistakes.’

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