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Nick and Janet Jerwood are Flying 15 Australian Champions

Nick and Janet Jerwood confirmed their overall victory with a second place in the final race of the Flying 15 Australian National Championships in Esperance.

Race 8 went to Greg Tonnison and Mark Lovelady with the Jerwoods in second and David Yu and Chris Nelson third.

Overall Nick and Janet Jerwood finished nine point clear of Britain's Alan Bax and Simon Childs, with John Wilson and Matthew Summers third.

This is their third Australian National Championship title to add to their world championship and UK National winners medals.

They serve notice to the visitors travelling to the Flying Fifteen World Championships in Napier, New Zealand in February.

Alan Bax and Simon Childs GBR - Click image for a larger image

Special mention goes out to Bill Shand and his crew David Parish from Gippsland Lakes in Victoria.

Bill is an 87 year old veteran of Flying Fifteen sailing and has finished every race and was 24th in the championship.

He builds all his own boats and trails them across the Nullarbor to compete in WA. He is a legend.

Flying 15 - Gemmill Homes Flying 15 Nationals 2017 - Final after Race 8

1st 3986 Ineffable Nick Jerwood / Janet Jerwood (SoPYC) 7 pts
2nd 4047 Fforever Young Alan Bax / Simon Childs (HISC, UK) 16 pts
3rd 3989 Ffast Lane 4 John Wilson / Matthew Summers (SoPYC) 21 pts
4th 3859 Tuffan Up David Yu / Chris Nelson (RFBYC) 22 pts
5th 3743 Spot the Difference Greg Tonnison / Mark Lovelady (SoPYC) 27 pts
6th 3775 Absolutely Ffabulous Philippa Packer / Dean McAullay (RFBYC) 34 pts
7th 3992 Glamour Buoys Greg Leaversuch / Peter Barblett (RFBYC) 38 pts
8th 3987 Ffollow Us Tim Walker / Alan Sharpe (SoPYC) 42 pts
9th 4053 Phar Lap David Swan / Matt Elliot (EBYC) 45 pts
10th 3972 Ffast Lane Ashley Smith / Adam Kingston (QLD) 46 pts
11th 3982 Storyteller Chris Paterson / Ed Repsevicius (SoPYC) 51 pts
12th 3619 Affrodisiac Ron Packer / Steve Ward (RFBYC) 54 pts
13th 3717 All Torque Peter Bowman / Ethan Prieto-Low (RFBYC) 77 pts
14th 3822 A-Squared Andrew Knowles / Anne Knowles (SoPYC) 82 pts
15th 3526 Fat RRRs Over the Side Peter Jackson / Les Kearney (VIC) 89 pts
16th 3856 Feet and Fingers John Wallace / Stewart Wallace (EBYC) 92 pts
17th 3879 Aussie Way Kim Peaker / Neil White (SoPYC) 93 pts
18th 3935 She Who Must Be Obeyed John Hassen / Gene Donraadt (SoPYC) 98 pts
19th 3855 Fflashpoint Peter Rooke / Martin Arrowsmith (SoPYC) 100 pts
20th 3494 Catch Me If You Can Chris Wells / Gordon McWilliam (EBYC) 105 pts
21st 3800 Saltheart Mark Gooding / Michael Gooding (SoPYC) 110 pts
22nd 3984 Faffin Carl Pettersson / Kristine Pettersson (SoPYC) 122 pts
23rd 3964 Fforeigner Simon Lucas / Aileen Lucas (PRSC) 122 pts
24th 4040 Forty Forty Bill Shand / David Parish (VIC) 126 pts
25th 3878 Fast Lane II Rob Donaldson / Ryan Norris (EBYC) 146 pts
26th 3259 Eagle Eye Karen Dawes / Russell Dawes (SoPYC) 151 pts
27th 4010 Mr Fox Mark Millman / Max Dobie (GYC) 151 pts
28th 3909 Tuffa Nuff Ashley Reichstein / Tim Buckman (EBYC) 152 pts
29th 3814 Committed to Confusion JJ Wallace / Sam Gardiner (EBYC) 155 pts
30th 3767 Bubbles Ken Bubb / Lee Bubb (QLD) 157 pts
31st 3833 No Bull Tim Bussemaker / Kevin Griffiths (SoPYC) 164 pts
32nd 3928 Swifft Peter Emby / David Sutcliffe (SoPYC) 168 pts
33rd 3658 Hippo David Dwyer / Brittany Nicolas (EBYC) 178 pts
34th 3475 Enuff Rope Greg Howell / Leanne Howell (SoPYC) 184 pts
35th 3057 Ffoenix John Lyus / Rita Nesdale (SoPYC) 190 pts
36th 3991 Ffancy Classique John Midolo / Gordon Roe (SoPYC) 194 pts
37th 3659 Endorffine Wim Speelman / David Hall (EBYC) 211 pts
38th 3766 The Last Won Nils Blumann / Gary Warman (EBYC) 212 pts
39th 3931 WOW! Michael Clark / Neil Smith (VIC) 213 pts
40th 3910 Oui Non Peut-etre Jennifer Sims / Deanna Wilson (SoPYC) 252 pts
41st 3761 ROffL Sandy Dunn / Tim Barling (SoPYC) 252 pts

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