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America's Cup issues 28 day non-sailing rule

A new America's Cup Protocol Amendment, agreed to by all the teams, has added a 28 day non sailing ‘black out’ period applicable from the 9 January 2017.

This amendment will require all the teams to observe a blackout period of 28 consecutive days during which they may not sail their AC Class Yacht (AC50).

Teams may elect to take the 28 day blackout period at any time from 9 January 2017.

They are required to nominate their respective period by informing the Regatta Director prior to the commencement of the period.

Competitors cannot sail their AC50 during the blackout period and if it has been previously launched, it cannot be worked on during the nominated blackout period.

Apparently they can use some parts from their AC50 on their AC45S test platforms during the Blackout Period.

For the teams now in Bermuda, it seems likely that they will delay launching, which allow them to work on their AC50, while still training with their AC45S test boats.

Those teams that have yet to move their AC50 to Bermuda can count that moving time in the 28 day sailing embargo.

All in all it seems like a typical America's Cup compromise that muddies the water and looks set for arguments and accusations of cheating.

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