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Vendee Globe - Irish sailor Enda O'Coineen boat dismasted

Irish sailor Enda O'Coineen, who is racing in 15th place in the Vendée Globe solo round the world race, reported to have dismasted Sunday 1st January.Image Jean-Louis Carli

O'Coineen reported to Race Management in Paris at 08:30hrs UTC today - Sunday 1st January - that the mast of his IMOCA Kilcullen Voyager-Team Ireland has broken.

Positioned some 180 nautical miles to the south east of Dunedin, New Zealand, O'Coineen, 60, was racing in 35kts of SSE wind when the rig broke.

The skipper is uninjured and reported that he was starting to secure his boat and the broken pieces of the rig and planned to head to New Zealand.

In the current weather situation, is downwind for him. He has enough fuel to make landfall.

Contacted by Race HQ at 09:30hrs UTC Sunday morning O'Coineen explained:

“You roll the dice. I was caught a little bit unawares. I was in 20-25 kts of breeze and a very vicious 35kt squall came through and the self-steering malfunctioned just at the wrong moment."

"I did an involuntary gybe and then a gybe back. The boat was out of control and I was caught without the runner properly on and the mast snapped."

"I have to laugh because if I don't I will cry."

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