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MS Amlin Int Moth Regatta - Greenhalgh snatches lead

Rob Greenhalgh takes the lead after eight races at the MS Amlin International Moth regatta in Bermuda.

Four races were held in west/northwesterly winds between 15 and 18 knots on a flat sea.

After losing two of the first four scheduled days due to windy conditions, today was welcomed by one and all.

It was a two-way battle between Greenhalgh and Dylan Fletcher, with Fletcher holding the advantage in the first two races with a 1, 2, to Greenhalgh's 2, 3.

Greenhalgh then won race 7 ahead of Fletcher with Dave Hivey third (he had won race 6).

Then Fletcher had to pull out of the final race, leaving Paul Goodison to take the win ahead of Greenhalgh and Pen Paton.

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MS Amlin Int Moth - Overall leaders after 8 races
1st GBR Robert Greenhalgh 15 pts
2nd GBR Dylan Fletcher-Scott 18 pts
3rd GBR David Hivey 30 pts
4th ITA Stefano Rizzi 46 pts
5th GBR James McMillan 47 pts
6th GBR Simon Hiscocks 49 pts
7th GBR Jonathan Heathcote 51 pts
8th GBR Dan Ward 60 pts
9th GBR Ben Paton 61.5 pts
10th GBR John Clifton 66 pts
11th GER Maximilian Maege 92 pts
12th IRL Rory Fitzpatrick 93 pts
13th IRL Dave Kenefick 114 pts
14th GBR David Smithwhite 115 pts
15th GBR Matthew Lea 120 pts
16th GBR Stuart Bithell 120 pts
17th GBR Kyle Stoneham 127 pts
18th GBR Paul Gliddon 128 pts
19th IRL Annalise Murphy 140 pts
20th GBR Michael Barnes 146 pts
21st IRL Alistair Kissane 148 pts
22nd GBR Tim Penfold 154 pts
23rd NED Chris Jeeves 156 pts
24th BER Paul Goodison 160 pts
25th GBR Richard Mason 187 pts
26th BER Thomas Powrie 188 pts
27th SWE Stefan Järudd 192 pts
28th BER James Doughty 198 pts
29th GBR James Ross 204 pts
30th BER Benn Smith 204 pts

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