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Video from Le Cléac'h and Thomson in Southern Ocean

French skipper Armel Le Cléac'h remains in first place by one mile as the pair forge a path east at 48 degrees south.Marine Nationale / TF1 / Nefertiti Prod © Saem Vendée / Nefertiti Prod. - 30/11/16

The broadcasters were filming from a French navy helicopter that had taken off from the frigate Nivôse which is patrolling French territories in the Southern Ocean.

Banque Populaire VIII (Armel Le Cléac'h) and Hugo Boss (Alex Thomson) were filmed from a helicopter which took off from the frigate Nivôse, whose mission is to endure the sovereignty of the French territories in the Southern Ocean and Antarctic.

Rushes show British offshore sailor Alex Thomson flying the Union flag from his yacht Hugo Boss while passing the Kerguelen Islands in the Southern Ocean.

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These are unprecedented images of two Imocas fitted with foils sailing at more than twenty knots in the middle of the Indian Ocean and at the same time the two skippers were called up over the VHF radio.

LEADING POSITIONS at 12:00 hrs UTC Thursday:

1. Armel Le Cléac’h on Banque Populaire VIII - DTG 14,840 nm - sailing at 12 knots
2. Alex Thomson on Hugo Boss - DTL 1 nm - sailing at 14 knots
3. Sebastien Josse on Edmond de Rothchild - DTL 670 nm
4. Paul Meilhat on SMA - DTL 1075 nm
5. Jeremie Beyou on Maitre Coq - DTL 1081 nm
6. Yann Elies on Quigunnier - DTL 1448 nm
7. Jean-Pierre Dick on StMichel-Virbac - DTL 2017 nm
8. Jean Le Cam on Finistere Mer Vent - DTL 2224 nm
9. Thomas Ruyant on Le Souffle du Nord - DTL 2242 nm

Fleet spread is now 4,824 nm back to Didac Costa in 25th.

Four have now retired from the race.

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