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Vendee Globe - Le Cléac'h takes lead - Briefly

French sailor Armel Le Cléac'h took the lead of the Vendee Globe over Friday night and an 8 nm lead. But by the Saturday 12:00 hrs check Alex Thomson was back in the lead.Image Vendee Globe 2016 -

This video from Thomson on Friday before Le Cléac’h passed him.

At that time Thomson was sailing fast (20 knots) on starboard tack, so was pretty happy. But he does comment that the next couple of day would be tricky.

At the 09:00 Saturday check they were both sailing at 10 to 12 knots, with Le Cléac’h ahead having the speed advantage.

But at the 12:00 Saturday check Thomson was back in the lead. It looks like this will be the scenario between these two for the next couple of days.

300 nm behind them Sebastien Josse on Edmond de Rothchild has been sailing at 15 knots, but at the 18:00 check had slowed and the leading trio are all at 5 knots.

While further back Paul Meilhat on SMA is still sailing at 7 knots.

LEADING POSITIONS at 22:00 hrs UTC Saturday:

1. Alex Thomson on Hugo Boss - DTG 16,788 nm - sailing at 13 knots
2. Armel Le Cléac’h on Banque Populaire VIII - DTL 8 nm
3. Sebastien Josse on Edmond de Rothchild - DTL 325 nm
4. Paul Meilhat on SMA - DTL 835 nm
5. Jeremie Beyou on Maitre Coq - DTL 850 nm
6. Yann Elies on Quigunnier - DTL 1104 nm
7. Jean-Pierre Dick on StMichel-Virbac - DTL 1669 nm
8. Thomas Ruyant on Le Souffle du Nord - DTL 1777 nm
9. Jean Le Cam on Finistere Mer Vent - DTL 1849 nm

Fleet spread is now 3,855 nm back to Didac Costa in 25th.

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