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Bertrand de Broc retires from Vendee Globe

Following on from the collision that his boat experienced early in the race off Portugal, Bertrand de Broc, skipper of the monohull MACSF, has retired from the Vendee Globe.

After sailing to the island of Fernando de Noronha and diving twice to inspect what was happening under his hull, Bertrand de Broc, after consulting with Marc Guillemot his Team Manager, has taken the decision this evening to retire from the race.

Bertrand de Broc :"Having to take this decision is very hard to bear. It is bound to happen some time in a skipper's career, but it doesn't make it any easier to bear. I'm disappointed. But it would not be reasonable to face the Southern Ocean in this state,”.

A large part of the hull has in fact been damaged, making it impossible to continue in the race.

The deafening noise that is coming from the damaged hull is very handicapping for the skipper, even if he was wearing noise-cancelling headphones.