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Battle is joined for control of Kiteboarding

World Sailing issued a press release Friday setting out a new governance structure for Kiteboarding, despite protests of fraudulent governance over the sport of kiteboarding by IFKO.

The press release indicated that they and the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) and the Global Kitesports Association (GKA) had signed an important memorandum of understanding to record a new governance structure for Kiteboarding.

World Sailing, the world governing body for the sport of sailing, claims that Kiteboarding on water is a discipline of sailing, and as such falls under the jurisdiction of World Sailing.

And thus World Sailing has taken a disputed position to have overall control of Kiteboarding.

The International Federations of Kitesports Organisations (IFKO) has accused World Sailing of fraudulent governance over the sport of kiteboarding.

In a written statement released by IFKO, Diogo Paes Fernandes, president of IFKO, says that World Sailing has illegally taken over kiteboarding and is already taking legal steps to put an end to what he consider a "fraudulent governance."

"Having investigated the various processes, IFKO classifies the current situation as fraudulent and will do everything possible to ensure this is resolved, and the sport of kiteboarding and all its disciplines are allowed to stand on their own, in a right and proper manner."

IFKO's Paes Fernandes considers that riders must be unconditionally free to participate in any national or international competitions without fear of penalties from organizations or sponsors.

World Sailing currently recognizes IKA as the legitimate organization for regulating kiteboarding and says in Friday's press release that:

IKA will under World Sailing's Constitution and Regulations remain fully responsible for the racing, first past the post, disciplines of Kiteboarding.

The GKA will be sanctioned by World Sailing to run World Championships and World Cup events in the Kiteboarding expression performance disciplines of wave, strapless freestyle, big air and twintip-freestyle and slider/obstacle events.

As part of the Special Events Agreement between World Sailing and the GKA, World Sailing can authorise the GKA to allow other professional event organisations to run events in the expression disciplines on its behalf.

Under the MOU, the IKA agrees not to run, organise or sanction world level expression performance events or competitions now governed by the GKA but remains responsible for the pathway and development as well as events on continental level and below.

World Sailing, the IKA and GKA will work together and fully co-operate to actively promote the united disciplines of Kiteboarding under World Sailings umbrella, avoid calendar conflicts and further develop the various disciplines within World Sailing.

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