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29er Eurocup on Lake Garda - Final Results

Pep Costa and Fran Nunez of Spain took overall victory by one point at the 29er Eurocup on Lake Garda organized by Fraglia Vela Riva.

Mikolaj Staniul and Kajetan Jbalonski of Poland took second and Albert Cornudella and Alexandre Wauters of Spain were third.

From the British competitors, Max Clapp and Ross Banham finished fourth, with Nick Robins and Billy Vennis-Ozanne seventh.

Hannah Bristow and Emily Covell, were first women and 14th overall.

This was also the final event of the 29er Eurocup 2016, in which 245 teams took part over ten events.

Overall winners were Alexander Gronblom and Martin Mikkola of Finland, second were Markus Kirketerp and Sebastian Olsen DEN and third Casper Ladefoged and Jakob Precht DEN.

Best placed British competitors were James Hammett and James Eales in 20th. Crispin Beaumont and Tom Darling were 34th.

29er - Eurocup Lake Garda - Final (89 entries)

1st ESP 2170 Pep Costa, Male, Fran Núñez 49,0 pts
2nd POL 2351 Mikolaj Staniul, Male, Kajetan Jbalonski 50,0 pts
3rd ESP 2422 Albert Gelpí I Cornudella, Male, Alexandre Boquet Wauters 51,0 pts
4th GBR 2507 Max Clapp, Male, Ross Banham 58,0 pts
5th FIN 15 Alexander Grönblom, Male, Martin Milkkola 60,0 pts
6th DEN 6 Kirketerp Marcus, Male, Olsen Sebastian 62,0 pts
7th ITA 22 Federico Zampiccoli, Male, Leonardo Chiste 64,0 pts
8th GER 2503 Johannes Sattler, Male, Anton Sattler 64,0 pts
9th SLO 16 Rok Verderber, Male, Klemen Semelbauer 65,0 pts
10th GBR 2304 Nick Robins, Male, Billy Vennis-Ozanne 72,0 pts
11th DEN 20 Casper Ladefoged, Male, Jakob Precht Jensen 82,0 pts
12th DEN 2377 Natacha Saouma-Pedersen, ?, Jens Fpillip Dehn-Toftehoej 88,0 pts
13th FIN 2030 Ronja Grönblom, ?, Edvin Therman 100,0 pts
14th GBR 2379 Hannah Bristow, Female, Emily Covell 107,0 pts
15th GBR 2337 Dan Armstrong, Male, Fin Armstrong 107,0 pts
16th FIN 2032 Elies Ourischinsky, Male, Oliver Silen 110,0 pts
17th ITA 1358 Filippo Amonti, Male, Filippo Massara 111,0 pts
18th ITA 2215 Riccardo Groppi, Male, Stefano Dezulian 112,0 pts
19th GER 2504 Lukas Hesse, Male, Julius Neszvecsko 122,0 pts
20th ITA 1956 Tommaso Ciaglia, Male, Nicola Torchio 134,0 pts

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