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Search for Chinese offshore skipper Guo Chuan suspended

US Coast Guard teams have suspended their search in the waters off Hawaii where Record-setting Chinese offshore skipper Guo Chuan’s boat was spotted abandoned.

Guo’s yacht, the Qingdao China, was reportedly seen from a search plane with its main sail snapped off some 1,000km off Oahu.

The USS Makin Island deployed a rigid-hulled inflatable boat and crew to conduct a boarding of the trimaran Wednesday afternoon.

The boatcrew confirmed Chuan was not on the vessel although his life jacket remains aboard.

The Qingdao China remains adrift, the mainsail has been doused and the vessel has been marked.

A broadcast notice to mariners alerting vessel crews in the area to the potential hazard to navigation has been issued.

Chuan’s racing team is making arrangements to recover the vessel.

Guo Chuan became the first Chinese sailor to solo nonstop circumnavigate the globe in 2013, when he also broke the record for doing it in a 40-foot yacht.

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