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Wind Strategy - Is the answer Blowing in the Wind?

The end of the sailing season can be a time to look at what has been achieved and take stock, maybe the answer is Blowing in the Wind.

As the evenings draw in a copy of Wind Strategy by David Houghten and Fiona Campbell might well form the basis of your planning for 2017.

The new-look fourth edition is fully updated for modern forecasting. First published in 1986, it has been the go-to wind book for racing sailors ever since.

It explains the principles of weather systems, sea breezes, and the effect of mountains, valleys, peninsulas and water temperature on the wind.

Sailors can use this knowledge to get ahead of the competition and power up the leaderboard.

In the Forward by Ian Walker he stresses the difference of the weather app to an understanding of weather and wind stratagy.

'It is too easy now to look at a weather app or an online forecast and feel like that is sufficient to base your weathre strategy on when racing . . .

They might tell what clothes to wear that day but they will not explain why the left or right hand side of the course may be favoured at any one poinrt in time.'

The wind powers everything a sailor does and this book will help you to understand it.

As a result you will be more prepared for your race, able to anticipate changes in the wind better and know what to do when they come.

There is also a chapter focussing on in depth analysis of a revised set of popular racing venues around the world: unveiling what to expect from the weather at over 25 regatta locations.

To see more details go to fernhurstbooks.com and if you like what you see you can also purchase Wind Strategy by David Houghten and Fiona Campbell . . .

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