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Volvo scoring shake-up to encourage strategic risk-taking

The Volvo Ocean Race is revolutionising the scoring system for 2017-18 to encourage strategic risk-taking from the teams.

With the last race becoming a "follow the leader" scenario on many of the legs, the new scoring system will give extra reward for strong performances in the two Southern Ocean legs and the final ocean leg of the race, across the North Atlantic from Newport to Cardiff.

- Scoring will change to a high-point system

- Double points for the two Southern Ocean legs – from Cape Town to Hong Kong, and Auckland to Itajaí, plus the North Atlantic leg near the end of the race, Newport to Cardiff

- The winner of each and every leg will score one bonus point (10 for a win, 8 for second, 7 for third, etc)

- A bonus point for the first team to round Cape Horn in a nod to the mythical significance of this turning point in the race

- A further bonus point will be awarded for the team with the best total elapsed time overall in the race

- The In-Port Series will remain the tiebreaker should teams, as in the last edition, be tied on points at the finish in The Hague.

The Volvo Race HQ is considering other changes including blackouts in terms of positions and in terms of weather data provided, so that navigators need to use more of their own judgement at certain times.

As in the 2014-15 edition, In-Port Races will be scored as a separate series and used to break any ties in the final table.