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Discover the world's best sailing pictures of the year!

Eighty amazing pictures have been selected for the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image 2016 competition.

The world’s greatest marine and yacht racing photographers have entered this year’s contest and voting is open to the public!

Sailing and photography enthusiasts from around the world are invited to vote for this year’s Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image.

Click here now to discover and vote for the world's best sailing pictures of the year.

The winning image and its photographer will be celebrated at the Yacht Racing Forum in Malta on 29 November.

Click image for a larger image

Three prizes will be awarded and one of them, the ‘Public Award’ is based on the number of votes on Internet.

This is a fun award, aimed at increasing the visibility of both the photographers and the entire contest.

Photographers are encouraged to like and share pictures, and to do as much self-promotion as they like.

This prize recognizes the quality of the winning picture as well as the photographers’ network and the support he (she) can generate around him and his (her) photograph.

So take a look at the images here, click on what you like and a large image with a FB Like link will come up.

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