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Enoshima Olympic Week - Light wind for day 1

After the first day of racing at Enoshima Olympic Week, Japan, all classes completed three races in a light NE breeze from Kamakura Budda.

Enoshima is the venue for the 2020 Tokyo O;ympics sailing events, and a number of countries have sent competitors for an early visit, although the conditions would most likely be different in August.

The 17 strong British presence is a mix and match selection . . . James Peters (49er) is sailing a Radial, Dylan Fletcher (49er) and Stuart Bithell (470) are sailing in the 49er, and Fynn Sterritt (49er) in the Laser.

Matt Wearn of Australia won two of the Laser races, with Lorenzo Chiavarini of Britain taking the other.

Radial Gold medal winner Marit Bouwmeester of Holland won the two Radial races she finished in. Alison Young finished the day in fifth (5,3,7).

Dylan Fletcher and Stuart Bithell won the first two 49er races, before Ryo Takahashi and Ibuki Koizumi of Japan took race 3.

In the women's 470 Sophe Weguelin and Eilidh Mcintyre also won their first two races. Wang Xiaoli and Lizhu Huang of Japan winning race 3.

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In the RS:X, Kiran Badloe of Holland won the first two Men's races with Kieran Holmes-Martin taking race 3.

In the Women' RS:X, the results were more open, Isobel Hamilton won the opening races, then Megumi Komine of Japan took the second with Fujiko Onisi of Japan winning the third.

Tuuli Petaja-Siren of Finland, the silver medal winner from London 2012, is in third place overall.

Overall leading results after 3 races

RS:X Women
1st JPN 72 Megumi Komine 3 pts
2nd GBR 30 Isobel Hamilton 4 pts
3rd FIN 1 Tuuli Petaja-Siren 8 pts

RS:X Men
1st NED 9 Kiran Badloe 4 pts
2nd GBR 926 Kieran Holmes-Martin 5 pts
3rd GBR 931 Tom Squires 5 pts

Laser Men
1st AUS 199015 Matthew Wearn 2 pts
2nd GBR 206940 Lorenzo Chiavarini 3 pts
3rd AUS 210464 Luke Elliott 6 pts
9th GBR 208190 Fynn Sterritt 14 pts

Radial Mixed
1st NED 0 Marit Bouwmeester 2 pts
2nd CHN 201213 Dongshuang Zhang 3 pts
3rd CHN 200041 Min Gu 6 pts
5th GBR 206251 Alison Young 8 pts
12th GBR 202411 James Peters 23 pts
18th GBR 20625 Charlotte Dobson 28 pts

49er - Men
1st GBR 6 Dylan Fletcher / Stuart Bithell 2 pts
2nd JPN 81 Ryo Takahashi / Ibuki Koizumi 3 pts
3rd JPN 847 Shingen Furuya / Shinji Hachiyama 5 pts

49erFX Women No GBR competitors
1st 611 Chika Hatae / Hiroka Itakura 2 pts

470 Women
1st GBR 321 Sophe Weguelin / Eilidh Mcintyre 2 pts
2nd CHN 1221 Wang Xiaoli / Lizhu Huang 5 pts
3rd JPN 11 Nia Jerwood / Monique Devries 5 pts
4th GBR 7 Amy Seabright / Anna Carpenter 6 pts
15th GBR 812 Jess Lavery / Flora Stewart 23 pts

470 Men No GBR competitors
1st JPN 5 Imamura Ryo / Junpei Hokazono 3 pts
2nd JPN 4127 Keiju Okada / Tosiki Iwai 3 pts
3rd JPN 4422 Tetsuya Isozaki / Akira Takayanagi 6 pts

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