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Can you really Tune to Win or is it just the nut on the helm?

Boat tuning a mystery? The point to be kept in mind with all these how to win books, is that they are written (or at least dictated) by winners.

And the reason you are even reading this is that you are not. That is not to say that they are not useful.

We get the chance to peruse all the options that these "winners" have considered in reaching the point where they can present to the rest of us just what we have not considered or have not understood.

In his book - Tuning to Win - multi championship winner Ian Pinnell presents, in a simple format, this daunting subject which if applied with due diligence will aid your quest to finally nail that club trophy.

Note, I say club trophy, it might be a club race or it might be that class championship.

It matters little, the preperation laid out here will undoubtably increase your all round performance.

You will feel better prepared, and as it is claimed that most races are won or lost by a difference of less than 2% of racing time, that must be a good thing.

Ian Pinnell is a winner, in many classes over many years.

His book takes you through the choice and preperation of the boat and its gear with clear explanations of what everything does or should do.

Helpfully it explains how to achieve that boat preperation, from aligning the rudder and plate to splicing the sheets and attaching the spinnaker.

You will feel like a winner before you even set out for the race and that is a step in the right direction.

Unfortunately after all that preparation it will still come down to the nut on the helm.

To see more details go to fernhurstbooks.com and if you like what you see you can also purchase Tuning To Win by Ian Pinnell . . .

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