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Enoshima Olympic Week - Pick & Mix for Team GBR

The first day of racing is underway at Enoshima Olympic Week, the proposed venue for the 2020 Olympic Games. Some of Team GBR are sailing different boats to normal.

There is a small British team competing, but some are sailing in different classes to their normal events.

Thus James Peters is in the Radial event, rather than the 49er and Fynn Sterritt in the Laser.

More than 180 boats with 16 countries are participating to this event.

From results received so far, in the men's Laser event:

Laser Race 1 went to Matthew Wearn AUS, 2nd Kazumasa Segawa JPN, 3rd Charlie Buckingham USA, 4th Luke Elliott AUS, 5th Lorenzo Chiavarini GBR.

Laser Race 2, 1st Lorenzo Chiavarini GBR, 2nd Charlie Buckingham USA, 3rd Erik Bowers USA.

Laser race 3, 1st Matthew Wearn AUS, 2nd Lorenzo Chiavarini GBR, 3rd Luke Elliot AUS.

Laser Radial (mixed):

Radial race 1: 1st Dongshuang Zhang CHN, 2nd Asri Azman MAS, 3rd Manami Doi JPN, 4th Min Gu CHN, 5th Alison Young GBR.

Radial Race 2: 1st Marit Bouwmeester NED, 2nd Min Gu CHN, 3rd Alison Young GBR.

Radial Race 3: 1st Marit Bouwmeester NED, 2nd Roelof Bouwmeester, 3rd Dongshuang Zhang CHN. Alison Young GBR was 8th.

Womens 470:

Women 470 race 1: 1st Sophie Weguelin / Eilidh McIntyr GBR, 2nd Amy Seabright / Anna Carpenter GBR, 3rd Nia Jerwood / Monique Devries AUS.

Women 470 race 2: 1st Sophie Weguelin / Eilidh McIntyr GBR, 2nd Mano Udagawa / Yurie Seki JPN, 3rd Yuki Hayashi / Sayaka Kimura JPN.

Women 470 race 3: 1st Wang Xiaoli / Lizhu Huang CHN, 2nd Shio Mototsu / Katsuto Nakashima JPN, 3rd Nia Jerwood / Monique Devries AUS.
Amy Seabright / Anna Carpenter were 5th and Eilidh McIntyre / Eilidh McIntyre 6th.

Men 470

Men 470 race 1: 1st Imamura Ryo / Junpei Hokazono JPN, 2nd Keiju Okada / Tosiki Iwai JPN, 3rd Sosaku Koizumi / Tomoya Noda JPN - No GBR competing.

At 1964 Games Britain won 1 Silver in the Flying Dutchman for Musto and Morgan - Click image for a larger image

Team GBR in Japan

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