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Rio Olympic Games - How was it for you?

Since the completion of the Rio Games I have seen several media reports on how successful the sailing events were. Sadly for the 99% of spectators who viewed the Olympic sailing via TV/Internet the event was a complete flop.

One journalist praised the Rio organisers for involving the on-site press pack, but apparently they did not, or could not, do anything about the extremely poor service that the rest of the world was receiving.

From some of the reports and the still images published, if the event had received TV coverage on a level anywhere near that of London 2012, we might just have seen the best Olympic sailing event ever.

But, it was obvious from day 1, race 1, that was never going to happen . . . it was just not in the plan.

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What we did get - on UK TV - was a second class service, with commentators desperately try to inject some excitement into interminable windsurfer races - hardly the peak of Olympic events at the best of times.

Ian Walker was the one saving grace of the whole mess. Spending most of his time desperately trying to gather and present information from the exciting sounding events taking place off camera.

Ian dispatched in a Rib to the real racing area with a Pro Cam would at least have generated some excitement - for him and for us.

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The running joke was the use of Shirley Robertson as on water commentator, when anyone remembered that she was out there.

A quick 10 second comment on a mark rounding, that we had already seen, seemed to be the limit of her brief. I hope she was not paid just for her on-air time.

And as for the World Sailing results service!

Why did they have to duplicate the official service, which they were then forced to provide a link to, when their own service constantly crashed?

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Did the organisers really not know that racing so close inshore, in the shadow of a giant mountain, would not provide decent sailing or viewing?

What are all the pre-events about, I'm sure it's fun for the competitors, but are the organisers not meant to also get something out of it?

The Japanese are now to re-use the 1964 venue of Enoshima (GBR is already out there), and we will have a series of World Cup finals being held there over the next four years.

But, will they also wait until day 1 to sort out the TV and Internet coverage?

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All in all Rio was all style and no substance.

The IOC bang on about making sailing accessible but in real terms that means TV and Internet media coverage, not a few hundred people standing on the beach.

There will not be any awards for the sailing coverage this time around.

For sailing Rio was a major set-back, the long delays, poor camera work and tedious races just compounding the general public's view of sailing as a spectator sport - forget it.

But, perhaps that is what the IOC wants. Paralympic sailing is gone and pressure is on to align with whatever commercial fad is trending . . . . . anyone for foiling SUP?

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