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British Kiel Yacht Club in Germany is closed

After 71 years, the British Kiel Yacht Club in Germany is being wound up, the last remnant of a British presence that dates back to 1945.

British military sailing began in Kiel in June 1945 thanks to a Colonel William Fryer. He requisitioned some boats and launched The British Kiel Yacht Club.

The club revived the famous Kiel Week regattas later that summer, just three months after the German surrender.

Britain returned the venue to Germany in 1951, the club moving to its present home just two miles away.

The Keil Week event now claims to be the largest sailing event in the world, and combined with many cultural events attracts around 5,000 sailing competitors, 2,000 boats and three million visitors each year.

Racing takes place for everything from racing dinghies to offshore keelboats and Tall Ships.

But, after more than a hundred thousand military personnel have learned to sail there, the Kiel Adventurous Sail Training Centre is closing.

The fleet of ocean going Halberg-Rassy yachts have been moved to Gosport in Portsmouth Harbour, where they will continue to be used for sail-training at the Joint Service Adventure Sail Training Centre.


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