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New Volvo Race boat in build for 2017 edition

Volvo Ocean Race has confirmed that a new boat - No. 8 - is being built at Persico Marine, Italy for the next edition of the Race starting in October 2017.

The new boat will be built at Persico Marine, Italy, where the existing fleet is undergoing an exstensive overhaul ahead of the next edition of the Volvo Ocean Race.

The new Volvo Ocean 65 will be identical to the existing fleet of seven Volvo Ocean 65s in every way, and will be launched in May next year, five months before the start of the next edition.

The team behind this new build will be not be announced until early in 2017.

The seven existing boats will collectively undergo a stringent re-fit process, based around reliability, to ensure that they can race another 45,000 miles around the planet.

Work on each will take around 15 weeks, but the process will be staggered to allow a new boat to enter the facility every three weeks.

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Sam Bourne, Head of the Boatyard's Deck Gear Division said that they would be making some changes across the boats and were also new designs of sails which will level the playing field again to some extent.

Other upgrades in communication equipment, safety, energy generation and performance electronics would take safety, reliability and technological advancement into account.

The Boatyard facility, which opened in Lisbon in May this year, will serve as a pre-race training hub for the fleet.

The next race will see them race three times more miles in the Southern Ocean than in recent editions.

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