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Olympics Tokyo 2020 - The never ending story

Tokyo 2020 is not going to plan. Costs are already set to rise to $30bn and there are still four years to go . . . plenty of time to sort out the problems ?#Tokyo2020 is not going to plan. Costs are already set to rise to $30bn... pic.twitter.com/WFMn1YKXMp— DW Sports (@dw_sports) September 29, 2016

In June of 2015, the International Olympic Committee (IOC)'s Executive Board confirmed that the 1964 Games legacy venue of Enoshima Yacht Harbour would host the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Sailing Competition.

The sailing relocation was part of a general re-work of the original proposels in an attempt to reduce the amount of new building work required and thus the costs.

Enoshima Yacht Harbour was constructed between 1961 and '64 for the Tokyo 1964 Games.

Keith Musto and Tony Morgan of Britain won Silver in the Flying Dutchman class event at the '64 Games.

Registrations of interest for RYA Olympic and Paralympic Selection Trials to compete in the 2020 Olympic Games is normally required two years before i.e. in mid 2018.

But contact the RYA to confirm the cut-off date for the 2020 Games.

Note that World Sailing is reported to be re-considering the classes to be used in 2020.

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