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SB20 UK National Title to Peters, Peach, Barnett and Peach

James Peters with Morgan Peach, Emma Barnett and Adrian Peach is the 2016 SB20 UK National Champion.

Three races were completed on Monday at the Royal Torbay YC and a 2, 4, was enough for Peters to take the title with the final race as his discard.

Robert Gullan with Pieter Heyn, Maria Stanley and Ben Ainsworth finished his series with a win in the final race to claim second overall.

In third place was John Pollard with Rob Smith and Steve Procter after a 4, 1, 3 on the final day and in fourth, Joe Llewellyn with Nigel Wakefield, Mark Williams and Jim Short also taking a win on the final day.

Stormforce Coaching SB20 UK National Championships 2016 - Final after 9 races

1st 3720 UBER James Peters/Morgan Peach/Emma Barnett/Adrian Peach 19 pts
2nd 3047 TBA Robert Gullan/Pieter Heyn/Maria Stanley/Ben Ainsworth 21 pts
3rd 3724 Xcellent John Pollard/Rob Smith/Steve Procter 25 pts
4th 3732 Forelle Estates Joe Llewellyn/Nigel Wakefield/Mark Williams/Jim Short 29 pts
5th 3086 Wet "n" Dry Chris Clyburn/Stuart Clyburn/Alex Reid 51 pts
6th 3106 Whyaduck Tom Clay/Ed Morris/Tim Goodhew 70 pts
7th 3149 Poor Buoy Mark Gillett/Paul Hine/Niki Birrell/ Heather Ross 79 pts
8th 3082 SHARC C Sheppard/G Van Hollebeke/Franki Hilary 81 pts
9th 3021 Here Comes Bod Charles Whelan/Richard McAdam/Richard Hall 84 pts
10th 3305 Trio Gary Baker/Owen Bowerman/Chris O'Donnell 88 pts
11th NED3555 Damen Sailing Team Mark Snijder/Olivier Stuip/Alistair Perkins 90 pts
12th 3473 Sllartibartfast Tom Methven/Paul Methven/Gill Methven/Ella Methven 100 pts
13th 3336 Job Lot!! Barry Jobson/Jaimie Jobson/Connie Meek 104 pts
14th 3740 A New Hope Doug Innes/G Glover/Martin Fox 105 pts
15th 3366 Doris Phil Rumbelow/Mike Rutland/Finn Houlihan 106 pts
16th 3053 Mistral Paddy Bettesworth/Genevieve Stringer/Olie Hare/Jamie Binmore 110 pts
17th 30 TBA Garry Phare/ Neil Spacagna/Oli Needham/Bem Simmonds 111 pts
18th 3276 Trouble and Strife George Barker/George Chilvers/Charlie Sprays 117.4 pts
19th 3177 Dark and Stormy Andrew Bell/Alice Salisbury/George Poval/Catherine Wood 126 pts
20th 3368 6a Vision Peter Noe/James Greenwood/Justin Noe 127 pts
21st 3316 L.O.S. Joe Hemmant/Tom Hemmant/Rob Corbally 142 pts
22nd 3096 Red Kite Roger Harford/Freddie Smith/Franseca Martin 148 pts
23rd 3217 Doolali Arthur Bruce/Dan Neild/Giles Oldershaw/D Bickerton 175 pts
24th 3135 Firefly Tom Savidge/Mike Sutton/Harry Butler/Ben Pickford 191 pts
25th 3750 Sportsboatworld.com Jerry Hill/AlanHillman/Craig Watson 195 pts
26th 3089 TBA John Reekie/John Reekie/Jennifer Reekie 209 pts