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Class rule changes to Solo and Flying 15

Some long lived and very popular classes have been looking at rule changes, always guaranteed to get the forums buzzing.Proposed slim-line capping - Image Solo Assoc

The Solo class committee voted not to support a raft of proposed changes.

These would have effected the centreboard capping, over stern tiller design, an optional floatation chamber, fairing the thwart to the deck and repositioning of the lead corrector weight.

So unless the members propose otherwise, the Solo remains in its familiar and popular form.

The Flying 15 class carried out extended trials of a new rig and finally decide on a change just to the genoa.

The new higher aspect ratio sail is 182 mm shorter on the foot, 305 mm longer in the luff, 204 mm longer in the leech, resulting in the same sail area.

Claimed benefits of the change are:

(i) Improvement in the view to leeward, a significant safety consideration when beating

(ii) Reduced sheet loading, enabling a wider range of crews to sail the boat

(iii) Modernising the look of the boat, potentially attracting new entrants to the class

(iv) There was no appreciable change in boat speed.

A move to reduce the hull weight (138 kg) by 5 kg, and the allowable correctors by 5 kg was voted down.

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