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Qingdao makes final appearance in Sailing World Cup

Qingdao makes its final appearance as a Sailing World Cup event starting Wednesday (21 Sep) and not far behind them will be Melbourne with the Sailing World Cup Final in December.

Both of these events are dropped from the latest version of the Sailing World Cup, which swings into action in 2017.

Australian Sailing CEO Matt Carroll said, "With Melbourne now removed from the Series, World Sailing has effectively snubbed the Southern Hemisphere with their showcase event."

World Sailing, which has regularly revamped its Sailing World Cup series in an attempt to create a Tennis or Golf type circuit, has managed to alienate most of the major international sailing regattas over recent years.

The main German, Dutch, Spanish and British regattas have all been dumped at various times, so Melbourne and Qingdao join a prestigious list.

In fact only Miami and Hyeres remain; everyone else has to bid for spot on the Cup circuit if they are interested.

Qingdao and Melbourne have struggled to attract the Olympic classes and in the press release for this weeks Qingdao event, World Sailing carefully picks out the few International names to pump up the event.

With all the chopping and changing over the years to form a viable circuit for the Olympic classes between each Games, World Sailing has managed to break-up the natural circut of European regattas, in an attempt to spread their influence in countries with little competitive sailing.

The trouble is this raises the costs of competing, with anyone attempting to compete having to shuttle boats around the world. Fine for the government backed British Sailing, but not so good for everyone else.

This is of course to ensure that sailing remains in the Olympic Games, and at times seems to be the only reason for World Sailing's existence.

On the back of this reasoning they have developed into a news/media outlet, again to ensure sailing can claim a strong media presence for the TV hungry IOC.

In Qingdao, in the six events, only the Laser, Radial and men's 470 events feature overseas competitors. Two British entries are listed, Lorenzo Brando Chiavarini and Mike Beckett.

Less is More in new Sailing World Cup series plan

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