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Phil Sharp and Sam Manuard lead Normandy Channel Race

Phil Sharp and Sam Manuard lead the 27 strong Normandy Channel Race fleet in the first day of the race.

Phil Sharp and co-skipper Sam Manuard on Imerys crossed the start-line neck to neck with fellow leaders Tales II and ARSEP.

Just hours later the team moved into 1st place leading the 27 strong fleet in the first day of the Normandy Channel Race.

As predicted the race is living up to its reputation of intense close racing with the fleet clustered in a zone covering 40 nm.

At the front of the pack the distance between boats averages just a few miles, representing the intensity of high endurance racing that the skippers are facing over the 1000 nm course.

Phil comments, "Our first night offshore was very intense, I have just come off the helm and probably averaged about an hour's sleep since the race started. It takes a while to get into a routine, and I am just about to try and get some rest now."

Positions at 21:00 hrs Monday

1st IMERYS -- 679.3 Distance to finish 13.1 kts
2nd TALES II -- 679.8 Distance to finish 13.2 kts
3rd SOLIDAIRES EN PELOTON ARSEP -- 680.5 Distance to finish 12.6 kts
4th V and B -- 682 Distance to finish 11 kts
5th SENSATION CLASS 40 -- 689.2 Distance to finish 12.6 kts
6th EƄRENDIL -- 690.5 Distance to finish 10.1 kts
7th GENERALI HORIZON MIXITE -- 696 Distance to finish 11.2 kts
8th CAMPAGNE DE France -- 697.3 Distance to finish 11.1 kts
9th SERENIS CONSULTING -- 697.4 Distance to finish 10.6 kts
10th COLOMBRE XL -- 703 Distance to finish 10.3 kts

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