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18ft Skiff Euro Grand Prix - Pica wins final day and series

Pica took the 18ft Skiff Euro Grand Prix at Sandbanks, Poole

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The fight for first was between team Pica and team Be Light.

Both teams pushed each other hard however Pica had the best score sheet with a 1, 5, 1 securing them the event win with Be Light in second.

The race for the final podium spot was hotly contested between Chameleon I and Original Chia.

Experience in overpowered big rig conditions paid ultimately with the Danes holding off a strong charge from Chameleon I to secure third.

The final day of the European 18 foot skiff Grand Prix at Sandbanks saw a split in rig choices.

Some teams opted to rig for the dropping breeze forecast while others rigged for the stronger gusts.

Ultimately, there was a slight upwind advantage with the smaller rigs however the huge big rig sail plan allowed for heavier teams to sail deeper downwind.

18ft Skiff Euro Grand Prix - Sandbanks Poole - Final

1st PICA 92 - 14.0 pts
2nd Belight HUN 18 - 24.0 pts
3rd CHIA - 33.0 pts
4th Chameleon i - 35.0 pts
5th Rutland 118 - 38.0 pts
6th AOL / LED 43 - 71.0 pts
7th Union Rose 115 - 88.0 pts
8th Team O Marine 122 - 95.0 pts
9th Talullah 55 - 106.0 pts
10th Young & Reckless BERG 29 - 110.0 pts

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5 September 2016 5:22 GMT


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