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Glitterati Gather in Cowes for Etchells Worlds

250 guests attended the Etchells World Championship Gala Reception, hosted by the Royal London Yacht Club.

As the flags of the 11 nations taking part were raised on Trinity Landing, the international gathering cheered everyone.

58 teams will battle it out in the Solent over the next six days, amongst them are the glitterati from the world of sailing, as well as passionate corinthian sailors.

From dinghy to Maxi World Champions, arguably the coolest collection of sailors, anywhere in the world, has gathered in Cowes.

Twenty Olympians, with four gold and three bronze medals between them, as well as World Champions from 24 different classes and America's Cup competitors and winners.

Racing at the 2016 Etchells World Championship will be held from Monday 5th to Saturday 10th September, with multiple windward-leeward racing in the Central Solent.

Six races will constitute a series and the overall winner will receive the antique silver Founders Trophy, and join a list of impressive Etchells World Championship winners.

2016 Etchells World Championship - Entry List

GBR 1352 Tom Abrey, Mat Ried, Bruno Van Dyke
HKG 1285 James Badenach, Christian Thompson, Elliot Hanson, Martin Wrigley
GBR 1038 Julia Bailey, Jay Bourke, Martin Payne,
GBR 1430 Andy Beadsworth, Simon Fry, Finn Hill,
USA 1262 Stephen Benjamin, Michael Menninger, Ian Liberty, George Peet
AUS 1383 John Bertrand, Paul Blowers, Ben Lamb,
GBR 957 Thomas Brennan, Ian Dobson, Sam Maxfield, Honor Fell
IRL 987 Richard Burrows, Samantha Burrows, James Downer,
USA 1415 Shannon Bush, Brad Boston, Curt Oetking,
USA 1375 Argyle Campbell, Tom Forrester-Coles, Kelvin Matthews, Victor Diaz de Leon
USA 1000 Tom Carruthers, Chris Busch, Andrew Palfrey,
GBR 1148 Murray Chapples, Sam Smith, Quentin Bes-Green,
AUS 1395 Peter Coleman, Iain Gartley, Glenn Ferguson,
GBR 1407 Andrew Cooper, Mark Mansfield, Calum Healey,
AUS 1399 Ian Crisp, Marcus Sill, David Buckland
USA 1414 Jay Cross, Dirk Kneulman, Michael Buckley, Stephanie Roble
USA 1404 Jim Cunningham, Jeff Madrigali, Mark Ivey, Bryn Bachman
USA 1396 Skip Dieball, Jon McClean, Jeff Eiber,
GBR 967 Mark Downer, George Downer, Dominic Mortimer,
SIN 1333 Noel Drennan, Brian Hammersley, Andrew Mills,
USA 1397 Peter Duncan, Thomas Blackwell, Judson Smith,
GBR 1439 Robert Elliott, Lucy Macgregor, Dave Evans, Kate Macgregor
AUS 875 Bruce Ferguson, Cameron Miles, James Meggison,
AUS 1165 Doug Flynn, Seve Jarvin, Alex Flynn,
GBR 1431 David Franks, Graham Sunderland, Amy Prime, Richard Prime
GBR 1437 Shaun Frohlich, David Bedford, Ducan Truswell,
USA 1305 Michael Gavin, Bill Abbott, Steve Girling,
USA 1388 Gary Gilbert, Jack Sharland, Morgan Dibbs, Bex Partridge
GBR 1329 Rob Goddard, Tom Barker, Nigel King,
AUS 1286 Shane Guanaria, Leigh Riddel, Matthew Ramaley,
AUS 874 Chris Hampton, Sam Haines, Barney Walker,
USA 971 Kjeld Hestehave, Chuck Skewes, Ross Slater,
USA 1298 Gregory Hodkinson, Donald Shillingburg, Marc Robert
HKG 1339 Maarten Jamin, Charlie Manzoni, Willem Van Walt Meijer, Christina Cully
USA 1198 Scott Kaufman, Jesse Kirkland, Lucas Calabrase, Austen Andersen
HKG 1428 Marty Kaye, Charlie Cumbley, Marco Pocci, Martin Kaye
GBR 1353 David Kitchen, Ruairi Grimes, Patrick Dillon,
AUS 963 Grantham Kitto, Bradley Moore, Tim Ward
GBR 927 Paul Lees, Mark Lees, Toby Mumford,
GBR 1266 Stephen Line, Matthew Hannaby, Sam Eversfield, Stephen Line
SUI 1425 Seamus McHugh, Luis Doreste, David Vera, Leo Ranini
GBR 1409 William McNeill, Mark Yeabsley, Charlie Dodd,
UAE 1400 Jan Muysken, Peter McNeill, Brett Aarons,
GBR 1351 Edward Owen, Adrian Friend, Simon Stewart,
BER 1249 Tim Patton, Tom Herbert-Evans, Richard Percy,
HKG 1345 James Polson, Akira Sakai, Rory Godman,
GBR 1438 Ante Razmilovic, Chris Larson, Stuart Flinn,
GBR 1441 Peter Rogers, Ben Cooper, Neil Harrison,
GBR 1434 Lawrie Smith, Joost Houwelling, Tim Tavinor
GBR 1417 Nick Stagg, Kim Ridge, Tim Thubron,
AUS 1150 Bill Steele, Chris Pratt, Geoff Reilly,
AUS 868 Jeanne-Claude Strong, Neville Wittey, Marcus Burke, Kate Devereaux
HKG 1406 Mark Thornburrow, Mike Huang, Malcolm Page, Simon Cooke
UK 1432 Rob Tyrwhitt-Drake, Roger Reynolds, Ben Cassford, Judith French
AUS 1226 Martin Webster, Annabel Vose , Peter Nicholas , Chris Smith
NZL 1348 Andrew Wills, Anatole Masfen, Matthew Kelway,
GBR 1046 Toby Yeabsley, James Anderson, Duncan Yeabsley,
POR 1197 Michael Zankel, Pedro Andrade, Charles Nankin,

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