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Goacher and Harper are Flying 15 European Champions

Steve Goacher and Tim Harper are the Flying 15 2016 European Champions. Their 4 and 2 in the final two races confirmed the title on Friday.

Team of the day were Richard Lovering and Andrew Jameson who won the two final races.

Their charge was too late to effect the podium places, although it lifted them from eighth to fourth overall.

Greg Wells, Richard Rigg's challenge for the title died in the first race Friday (race 9) when they finished 14.

A fourth place in the finall race confirmed their second place overall.

Jeremy Davy and Martin Huett finished third overall despite an ocs in the final race.

David McKee and Mal Hartland also had a final race ocs and dropped from the podium to finish fifth overall.

Flying 15 European Championship - Finaal After 10 races

1st GBR 4021 Stephen Goacher, Tim Harper 17,0 pts
2nd GBR 4030 Greg Wells, Richard Rigg 24,0 pts
3rd GBR 3760 Jeremy Davy, Martin Huett 35,0 pts
4th GBR 4002 Richard Lovering, Andrew Jameson 37,0 pts
5th GBR 4005 David McKee, Mal Hartland 37,0 pts
6th GBR 4004 Charles Apthorp, Alan Green 38,0 pts
7th GBR 4014 Ian Cadwallader, Bill Chard 43,0 pts
8th GBR 4016 Hamish Mackay, Andrew Lawson 48,0 pts
9th GBR 4047 Alan Bax, Mark Darling 49,0 pts
10th GBR 3824 Hamish Streeter, Andrew Streeter 61,0 pts
11th GBR 3994 Chris Waples, Tom Waples 75,0 pts
12th GBR 4019 David Tabb, Chewey Sherrell 82,0 pts
13th GBR 3922 Crispin Read Wilson, Steve Brown 84,0 pts
14th GBR 4048 Geoff Bayliss, James Grant 100,0 pts
15th AUS 3845 John Hassen, Kevin Griffits 116,0 pts
16th GBR 3736 Mrs Sue Bannister, David Hitchcock 119,0 pts
17th USA 3787 David Brockbank, Rob Parfitt 121,0 pts
18th ESP 3610 David Miles, Kristian Miles 133,0 pts
19th BEL 3915 Ezekiel Desantoine, Aurelie Chantrenne 146,0 pts
20th GBR 3957 David Apthorp, Charlie Apthorp 1487,0 pts
21st GBR 3517 Craig Robinson, Hannah Davies 161,0 pts
22nd BEL 3530 Timo Papasokratis, Alain Kinard 166,0 pts

Results courtesy the Datchetman F15 Blog

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