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Dragon Gold Cup - Where has all the wind gone?

Only two races have been completed within four days at the Dragon Gold Cup in Hornbaek north of Helsingör, Denmark.

The results posted Thursday evening still show just two races completed.

Both races were won by British boats.

GBR 761 “Jerboa” helmed by Gavia Wilkinson-Cox, crewed by Mark Hart & Philip Catmur won the first race of the 2016 “Hamlet” Gold Cup.

GBR 780 “Louise” helmed by Grant Gordon, crewed by Kasper Harsberg & Ruairidh Scott. powered their way to Glory to Win Race 2.

Since then nothing . . .

So after two races we have GER 1170, Marcus Brenneke in the lead on 10pts,

Second UAE 9, Henrik Witzmann on 11 pts and third UAE 7 current World Champion Eugenyi Braslavets with 12 pts.

Of the GBR boats: Grant Gordon is 5th, Klaus Diederichs 7th and 12th Gavia Wilkinson-Cox, Lawrie Smith is 18th.

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