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Michael Illbruck is 2016 Melges 20 World Champion

Michael Illbruck on Pinta with tactician John Kostecki, and crew Federico Michetti are the 2016 Melges 20 World Champions.

The final round of racing saw Illbruck and American Drew Freides on Pacific Yankee separated by only three points, advantage Freides.

Although not a simple task, Freides aimed to keep Illbruck behind him, or at minimum out of top nine ranking.

With less than a minute to the nerve-racking start, Illbruck and Freides appeared to be over the line.

Illbruck however got away to the best pressured side, focusing mainly on the right in favor of a wind shift halfway up the course.

Freides went left with his luck running out when he needed it most.

His Race Eight result was his second disappointing finish of the day , with Illbruck advancing and overtaking for the big win.

Poland's Krzysztof Krempec on Mag Tiny ends the event in third overall.

Liam Kilroy on Wildman came back to the course today with a strong performance to end it all in fourth.

While Achille Onorato's Mascalzone Latino Jr. rounded out the top five.

In the all-amatuer Corinthian division, the World title goes to Emanuele Savoini at the helm of Evinrude with his crew Enzio Savoini, Marco Giannini, and Giovanna Massidda.

Melges 20 World Championship - Final

1st   USA 4014 Pinta Michael Illbruck 27 pts
2nd   USA 236 PACIFIC YANKEE Drew Freides 34 pts
3rd   POL 264 MAG TINY Krzysztof Krempec 46 pts
4th   USA 311 WildMan Liam Kilroy 51 pts
5th   ITA 23 MASCALZONE LATINO JR. Achille Onorato 60 pts
6th   GBR 414 CINGHIALE Rob Wilber 80 pts
7th   MON 333 OUT OF REACH Guido Miani 88 pts
8th   ITA 65 STIG Alessandro Rombelli 91 pts
9th   SUI 16 Section 16 Richard Davies 93 pts
10th   RUS 296 RUSSIAN BOGATYRS Igor Rytov 104 pts
11th   RUS 275 VICTOR Alexander Novoselov 108 pts
12th   USA 13131 SAMBA PA TI John Kilroy 111 pts
13th   ITA 106 ASANTE SANA Claudio Dutto 113 pts
14th   ITA 50 Fremito D'Arja Dario Levi 116 pts
15th   RUS 2 PIROGOVO Alexander Ezhkov 116 pts
16th   AUS 167 Caffe Espresso Rodney Jones 117 pts
17th   RUS 261 NIKA Vladimir Prosikin 123 pts
18th   ITA 149 CAMAY Lauro Bonora 123 pts
19th   RUS 47 KOTYARA Oleg Evdokimenko 130 pts
20th   ITA 125 Petite Terrible Claudia Rossi 137 pts
21st   ITA 667 Brontolo HH Filippo Pacinotti 141 pts
22nd   RUS 137 Alex team Alexander Mikhaylik 150 pts
23rd   USA 196 Midnight Sun Alexis Michas 151 pts
24th   MON 713 SYNERGY GT Valentin Zavadnikov 152 pts
25th   MON 301 RAYA Matteo Marenghi Vaselli 156 pts
26th   MON 25 PATH Anatoly Karachinskiy 167 pts
27th   RUS 265 Russotrans Yuriy Morozov 173 pts
28th   RSA 219 TNT Racing Tina Plattner/ Tony Norris 175 pts
29th   CZE 180 Aloha Jan Kuchar 176 pts
30th   ITA 206 Evinrude (Corinthian) Emanuele Savoini 191 pts
31st   ITA 192 MEZZALUNA marco franchini 192 pts
32nd   ITA 158 TOMAHAWK Stefano Santucci 192 pts
33rd   ITA 183 FOR SALE Manlio Carlo Soldani 194 pts
34th   ITA 30 PRINCE Manfredi Mancinelli Scotti 203 pts
35th   BRA 28 PORTOBELLO (Corinthian) Cesar Gomes Neto 209 pts
36th   ITA 270 MAOLCA Manfredi Vianini Tolomei 213 pts
37th   USA 4 Windhover Elizabeth Harned 214 pts
38th   POL 208 STARTELEKOM Waldemar Salata / Pawel Oskroba 214 pts
39th   ITA 154 SPIRIT OF NERINA (Corinthian) Mirko Bargolini 219 pts
40th   SWE 202 INTERMEZZO (Corinthian) Johannes Lind-Widestam 224 pts
41st   RUS 156 MARUSSIA (Corinthian) Marina Kaverzina 235 pts
42nd   JPN 216 YASHA SAMURAI Ishida Yukihiro 237 pts
43rd   RUS 107 LEVIATHAN Maxim Titarenko 240 pts
44th   RUS 294 PIROGOVO EVOLUTION Leonid Altunov 242 pts
45th   ITA 157 ITA 157 (Corinthian) Francesco Farneti 245 pts
46th   JPN 277 Contious Norikatsu Aizawa 251 pts
47th   USA 217 SLINGSHOT Wes Whitmyer Jr 268 pts
48th   NED 135 Fantastichina (Corinthian) Wilma Homann 274 pts
49th   ITA 181 Hanneken (Corinthian) Francesco Anichini 303 pts
50th   RUS 666 BLACK SHEEP Ruslan Mukhametzyanov 313 pts
51st   JPN 220 SWIFT MAGIC Naoki Hirakawa 313 pts
52nd   RUS 184 QUANTUM BACIO Victor Novoselov 330 pts
53rd   GER 161 MOJITO (Corinthian) Florian Rixner 346 pts
54th   RUS 44 RED OCTOBER Pavel Grachev 352 pts
55th   RUS 173 OST LEGAL Emets Artem 357 pts
56th   ITA 112 A sciarrina Andrea Attanasio 381 pts

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