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5.5m World Champion in winning style

After five days of racing, Nergaard and his crew sailing ‘Artemis XIV’ take home the 5.5 World gold.5.5M Worlds podium shows class style -

Kristian Nergaard was sailing with Johan Barne and Trond Solli Sæther.

For Nergaard, this is his eighth World Championship Title in the 5.5m over the past 23 years!

Second place and silver went to the Danish boat ‘Arnold P’ helmed by Bo Selko.

Bronze was captured by ’John B', Gavin McKinney from the Bahamas and his nordic crew after a brilliant first place in the last race.

Italian boat ‘Tara’ finishing 25th overall wins the Classic division and German boat ‘Ali Baba’ finishing in 16th position overall wins the Evolution division.

5.5M start - Click image for a larger image

Last week, the prestigious Scandinavian Gold Cup, a one boat per nation trophy, was won by the Danish team of Bo Selko sailing with Rasmus Knude and Mikael Petersen.

Mariacristina Rapisardi, Giovanni Arrivabene and Marco Bonzanigo representing Italy won the Royal Kaag Classic Cup.

And Swedish team of Bernhard Rost, Rients van der Woude and Niklas Jansson won the Hankø Evolution Cup.

The next championship is in January in Nassau, Bahamas for the 2017 Worlds.

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