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Poole Week, Day 5 - Shorts, a T-shirt and warm rain

How often can you go afloat in shorts and a T-shirt and feel hot even when it’s raining?

There aren’t many days in an English summer when you can go afloat wearing shorts and a T-shirt. It’s even rarer to go afloat in shorts and a T-shirt and feel genuinely hot.

And how often can you go afloat in shorts and a T-shirt and feel hot even when it’s raining?

Well, that’s what it was like in Poole Harbour on the afternoon of Thursday 25th August. Remember the date, because it might not happen again for a while.

It was the Thursday of adidas Poole Week 2016.

The fleets were being wafted by the faintest of zephyrs towards their starting areas in preparation for the afternoon’s racing when the rain began; gently at first and then a bit less gently.

For many, the fresh water from above was a welcome coolant.

Others were so busy immersing themselves in the warm salty water of Poole Harbour as they waited for enough breeze for racing to begin that they hardly noticed the rain.

This was especially true of the Laser 4.7s, Toppers and RS Fevas, where there was a good deal of splashing, rafting up and swimming from boat to boat.

Back at the Parkstone Platform, the flags finally began to show signs of life: air was moving, even if it could hardly be called wind at that stage.

As on Wednesday, the courses were kept short.

This time the races were also just one lap. Most boats managed to get round.

The Shrimpers were becalmed after the windward mark as they drifted gently down the harbour, so they were finished on the way to what would have been the gybe mark, David Lack in Crabby Gaffer taking the honours.

As for who will claim the prizes after racing on Friday – well, we will know within the next 24 hours.

Whether anyone will remember after what looks set to be a pretty special party on Friday night to wind up adidas Poole Week is anyone’s guess.