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Racing abandoned at Cadet Nationals

After a succession of long delays (which was long enough to hold a mini Olympics of silly sports) the racing was abandoned for the day.

It remains a tight battle at the top of the leader board with Jamie Harris and Antonia Wilkinson 10 points clear of Ellie Wooton and Ameilia Mayhew after their series of 5 consecutive wins.

Ellie herself is a single point in front of early pace setters Megan Ferguson and Yasmin Sfaxi.

Cadric Boven and Emile Marien heading up the chasing pack.

In Silver a superb series of results from Anna Wooton and Imogen Mayhew puts them in the middle of the gold fleet in 12th place.

Kate White/Rhona Enkel are also excelling with a string of top 20 results. Hazel Whittle/Charlotte Leigh are 3rd.

UK Cadet Class National Championship 2016, Leading positions 7 races
1 GBR 9985 Jamie Harris Antonia Wilkinson Bristol Corinthian YC/Frensham Pond SC 9 pts
2 GBR 9876 Ellie Wootton Amelia Mayhew Waldringfield SC 19 pts
3 GBR 10002 Megan Ferguson Yasmin Sfaxi Frensham Pond SC 20 pts
4 BEL 8326 Cedric Boven Emile Marien WVD 26 pts
5 GBR 9962 Cara Bland Ines Green Waldringfield SC 32 pts
6 GBR 9877 Hattie Collingridge Hamish Collingridge Waldringfield SC 41 pts
7 BEL 9854 Sarah Roosen Lisemarie Vandamme WVD Hombeek 44 pts
8 GBR 10001 Harry Chatterton Faye Chatterton Waldringfield SC 59 pts
9 BEL 9575 Thibaud Dirix Ziva Perko RYCB 60 pts
10 BEL 8404 Victor De Ripainsel Kobe Stroobandt WVD/RYCB 70 pts
11 GBR 8997 Ryan Wilkinson Eliza Jones Frensham Pond SC/Royal Torbay YC 72 pts
12 GBR 10006 Anna Wootton Imogen Mayhew Waldringfield SC 84 pts
13 GBR 9020 Anna Morgan Jemima Hill Frensham Pond SC 88 pts
14 GBR 9984 Isobel Speirs Emily Speirs Frensham Pond SC 90 pts
15 GBR 9982 Erin Marks Sam Goult Waldringfield SC/Frensham Pond SC 91 pts
16 GBR 9386 Kate White Rhona Enkel Waldringfield SC/Maylandsea Bay YC 94 pts
17 GBR 9027 Ben Barr Phoebe Barr Corinthian Otters RCYC 108 pts
18 GBR 9977 Amy Goult Ben Goult Frensham Pond SC 111 pts
19 GBR 9983 Katie Spark Connor Line Waldringfield SC 113 pts
20 GBR 9050 Bettine Harris Anna Horackova Bristol Corinthian YC 114 pts
21 NED 8515 Zoey Cubas Barrios Tijmen Baars Giesbeek 118 pts
22 BEL 8522 Jolien Vangeneugden Jan Smet WVD 128 pts
23 GBR 8847 Finbarr Wormwell Oscar Ferenczy Frensham Pond SC/Hayling Island SC 130 pts
24 GBR 8852 Hazel Whittle Charlotte Leigh Waldringfield SC 131 pts
25 BEL 9038 Isabelle Dompas Lore Stroobant RYCB 133 pts
26 GBR 8541 Ben Warrington Ollie Mears Thorpe Bay YC/Corithian Otters RCYC 135 pts
27 GBR 8415 Freddie Pitcher Charlie Corbett Corinthian Otters RCYC 139 pts
28 GBR 10004 Phoebe Bradshaw Mimi Slump Frensham Pond SC 150 pts
29 GBR 9034 Beatrice Green Maia Green Waldringfield SC 151 pts
30 BEL 8363 Jeroen Vangeneugden Erasem Perko Nuclea Mol 152 pts
31 GBR 9992 Rebecca Videlo Will Mears Frensham Pond SC/Corinthian Otters 158 pts

Full results here

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