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Poole Week - Changing weather, changing places

Whether or not the change in conditions was responsible, the day brought new faces to the fore in some Poole Week fleets.

In the Lasers, Roger Hakes continued where he had left off on Monday by winning the first race.

Then it was the turn of Roger O’Gorman, from Queen Mary SC, to take the honours in race 2.

He followed that with a second in the third race, making the rest of the front-runners pleased that he hadn’t been there for the first two days.

in the handicap fleet, diverse doesn’t mean uncompetitive, however, and Tuesday it was the turn of the Merlin Rockets to show the others the way.

Steve and Ally Tyler scored two firsts, with Dave and Frances Bursey not far behind them all the way around the multiple laps on the northern side of the harbour.

Venturing rather further afield were the Dolphins and Shrimpers, whose course took them to a buoy on the east side of Brownsea Island and then to a leeward mark way out west towards Arne.

How they got down there was up to them:

Double back around the northern side of Brownsea, or carry on clockwise up Blood Alley and cut through between Brownsea and Furzey islands.

Every boat in both fleets chose the latter route, which was certainly quieter and more scenic.

It wasn’t all gentle sailing, however.

Peter Fontes on Roatan saw his mainsheet block disintegrate while he was locked in battle with David Dorrell’s Humpol.

This let Dorrell get away, but Team Roatan managed to fashion a workable solution out of the remains of the block and a lashing and carried on to finish the race.

While some sailors in high-performance classes might dismiss Shrimpers as a bit old and ploddy, in Poole they race them hard enough to break them – or at least bits of them.