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Inga from Sweden are Melges 32 US National Champions

Richard Goransson and his Inga from Sweden team have claimed the 2016 US Melges 32 National Championship.Inga from Sweden -

Three races were scheduled for the final day and PRO Anderson confidently brought the fleet to the "Halfway Rock" course North of the Newport Harbor Bridge.

Ryan DeVos and his Volpe team recovered after a tough start and took the win in Race Six.

With an increasing east-southeast breeze and ebb tide, conditions became more lively for Race Seven.

Starting mid-line, nailing the left side of the first beat and showing solid speed, Goransson grabbed the race win.

He was followed by a suddenly dangerous Ryan DeVos and his Volpe team with Jason Carroll's Argo in third.

Headed into the final race, Carroll/Landy held a two-point lead over Goransson, and three points over Ryan DeVos.

With a strong battle for the pin, Carroll/Landy and Goransson both found themselves OCS and having to buck the current to clear themselves.

Ryan DeVos started clean but struggled on the first beat with the three leaders rounding deep at the first top mark.

Ryan and Goransson extended on the first run and gained in a big right shift that saw them advance to first and second at the gates.

DeVos held a slim margin on the final downwind, and in a who-beat-who battle to win the event.

Goransson snuck in at the pin in a simo-gybe to grab the race and the regatta win.

Carroll/Landy charged hard on the final run to grab fifth, finishing the event in third overall.

Chris Wientjes and his Stormvogel team fended off the Morgan Kiss on Hydra to claim the 2016 Corinthian National Championship title.

Melges 32 US National Championship - Final After Eight Races

1.) Richard Goransson/Vasco Vascotto, Inga From Sweden; 2-[5]-3-3-4-4-1-1 = 18 pts
2.) Ryan DeVos/Mark Mendelblatt; Volpe; [7]-3-4-5-3-1-2-2 = 20 pts
3.) Jason Carroll-Graham Landy/Cameron Appleton, Argo; 3-4-2-2-1-[6]-3-5 = 20 pts
4.) Rick DeVos/Ed Baird, Delta; 6-2-1-4-[7]-5-5-3 = 26 pts
5.) Andrea Lacorte/Gabriele Benussi, Vitamina; 1-1-[7]-7-5-3-4-6 = 27 pts
6.) Chris Wientjes/Nick Voss (CORINTHIAN), Stormvogel; 4-6-6-1-6-7-7-[8] = 37 pts
7.) Morgan Kiss/Alex Post (CORINTHIAN); Team Hydra; [8]-8-5-6-2-8-6-4 = 39 pts
8.) Ed Tillinghast/Chris Larson, Dark n'Stormy; 5-7-8-8-[9/DSQ]-2-8-7 = 45 pts