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Final day of the Merlin Rocket Championships

OMG! What an awesome day to close out the Selden Merlin Rock Championships in Plymouth. Just 28 boats took up the challenge.

After a black flag general recall that produced no OCS numbers because apparently all the fleet was over and the PRO felt it unnecessary to spoil the day for all of us (in true Oympic spirit).

The fleet launched up the first beat in conditions which were sailable but with huge waves to navigate.

Stuart Bithell and Tom Pygall led round the first mark followed by Nick Craig and Alan Roberts.

The second reach was truly epic; pretty much straight down the waves, with huge holes in water, crews at the back of the bus and centerboards screaming.

It was worth the entry fee alone!

As the four lap race progressed and the breeze steadily built, a dual developed at the front between Bithell/Pygall and Craig/Roberts.

They were boat for boat all the way until 100 yards from the finish Bithell and Pygall dismounted coming out a gybe.

Craig and Roberts took their first win of the week with Ben and Roz McGrane, who were going amazingly well for a light weight team, snatching second from Bithell and Pygall.

Tim Fells and Oli Wells, thoroughly enjoying the conditions, screamed home fourth ahead of Simon Potts and Ally Martin in fifth.

With Mike Simms and Richard Brown closing out an excellent first Merlin Champs in sixth.

Just to remind you that Roger Gilbert and James Stewart had already taken the 2016 title with a race to spare.

Merlin Rocket - Selden 2016 UK National Championship, Final positions

1st 3722 Roger Gilbert / James Stewart Frensham Pond 11 pts
2nd 3739 Ben McGrane / Roz McGrane Netley 16 pts
3rd 3658 Chris Jennings / Pete Horn Burghfield 27 pts
4th 3776 Nick Craig / Alan Roberts Frensham Pond 29 pts
5th 3777 Simon Potts / Ally Martin Burghfield 29 pts
6th 3753 Michael Sims / Richard Brown Carsington 39 pts
7th 3764 Tim Fells / Oli Wells Salcombe 40 pts
8th 3774 Jon Turner / Richard Parslow Lyme 42 pts
9th 3645 Steve Hall / Simon Haighton Burnham 43 pts
10th 3770 David Hayes / Jonny Ratcliffe Hayling Island 46 pts
11th 3778 Chris Gould / Chris Kilsby Blithfield 55 pts
12th 3735 Richard Whitworth / Pippa Taylor Hollingworth 55 pts
13th 3754 Jon Gorringe / Toby Lewis Parkstone 60 pts
14th 3775 Stuart Bithell / Tom Pygall Hollingworth 62 pts
15th 3730 Pete Ballantine / Ben Hollis Salcombe / Blithfield 69 pts
16th 3673 Caroline Croft / Beka Jones Blithfield 81 pts
17th 3733 Dave Wade / Rachel Rhodes Northampton 84 pts
18th 3656 Olly Turner / Graham Sexton Starcross 84 pts
19th 3691 Mike Calvert / Sean Anderson Axe YC 87 pts
20th 3759 Sam Barker / Megan Pascoe Castle Cove 88 pts
21st 3727 Mark Stockbridge / Neil Davies Ranelagh 103 pts
22nd 3756 William Warren / Chris Downham Shoreham 108 pts
23rd 3685 Sophie Mackley / James Warren Shoreham 109 pts
24th 3641 Mark Waterhouse / Matt Currel Parkstone 118 pts
25th 3539 Dan Alsop / Frances Gifford Lyme/ PSUK 122 pts
26th 3690 Tim Harridge / Lucy Burn Hampton 125 pts
27th 3779 David Lee / Tim Laws Starcross 126 pts
28th 3746 Dan Willett / Pete Nicholson Brightlingsea 132 pts
29th 3769 Graham Cranford-Smith / Steve Penfold Salcombe 134 pts
30th 3740 Pat Blake / Jilly Blake Cookham 136 pts
31st 3744 Chris Martin / Oliver Maclean Midland 145 pts
32nd 3716 Steve Leney / Gill Leney Blithfield 158 pts
33rd 3566 James Wells / Liz Wells Starcross 160 pts
34th 3773 Alan Warren / Bill Carroll Shoreham 161 pts
35th 3683 Ben Jones / Helen Hilditch Shoreham 162 pts
36th 3684 Andy Davis / Alex Warren Blithfield 173 pts
37th 3772 Phil Emery / David Hawkins Whitstable 175 pts
38th 3564 Rob Kennaugh / Colin Anderson Midland 175 pts
39th 3707 David Hall / Mari Shepherd Blackwater 178 pts
40th 3643 Mark Barwell / Louise Johnson Lymington Town 182 pts
41st 3651 Colin Brockbank / Martin Hughes Wembley 186 pts
42nd 3714 Richard Burton / Alice Markham Upper Thames 202 pts
43rd 3767 Ben Archer / Theo Harris Parkstone 202 pts
44th 3628 Robin Charles / Dan Newman Starcross 210 pts
45th 3713 Steve Harling / Eleanor Thomas Starcross 214 pts
46th 3518 Julian Harms / Timothy Harms Midland 216 pts
47th 3709 Tom Lonsdale / Rhos Hawes Upper Thames 218 pts
48th 3704 Jemma Hughes / Charlotte Cotter Thames 222 pts
49th 3734 Phil Ashworth / Ali Ashworth Weymouth 228 pts
50th 3511 Andrew Mills / Ellie Mills Hampton 236 pts
51st 3352 John Donoghue / Charles Vernal TBC 238 pts
DNQ 3775A Alex Warren / Tom Pygall Shoreham 223 pts

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