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Cowes Week day 6 - Black & White Group results

The first start Thursday was for the Artemis Challenge in which two state of the art multihulls, Lloyd Thornburg’s MOD70 Phaedo 3 and the M32 Tranwall, headed off for what they hoped would be a record-breaking blast around the Isle of Wight.

Phaedo powered up her rig 15 seconds before the start and accelerated rapidly, with her central hull already starting to lift clear of the water as the gun fired.

The giant trimaran flew around most of the course but was slowed when she had to tack up the eastern Solent, eventually finishing in a time of almost exactly three hours.

However, it was almost 40 minutes outside the outright record set by legendary French sailor Michel Desjoyeaux in the same boat four years ago.

Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week - Day 6 top results

IRC Class 0
1, Lady Mariposa R (James Bolingbroke)
2, Tonnerre 4 (P.W. Vroon)
3, Shakti (Gorm Gondesen)

IRC Class 1
1, Erivale III (Michael Greville)
2, Spirit Of Jacana (Alan, Bruce & James Douglas)
3, Zero II Cowes Race School (James Gair)

IRC Class 2
1, La Reponse (Andrew McIrvine)
2, Xinska (Bernard Olesinski)
3, Gallivanter (Tor McLaren)

IRC Class 3
1, Yes! (Adam Gosling)
2, Salvo (Mr and Mrs Peter Morton)
3, Redshift (Ed Fishwick)

IRC Class 4
1, Raging-Bee (Louis-Marie Dussere)
2, Dunkerque-Les Dunes (Philippe Bourgeois)
3, Strait Dealer (David Franks)

IRC Class 5
1, Winsome (Harry J. Heijst)
2, Blackjack II (Andy Howe)
3, Alamara B III (Ole Bettum)

IRC Class 6
1, Finola (Chris and Roger Frost)
2, Xtract (Dudley Stock)
3, Icom Cool Blue (Simon Cory)

IRC Class 7
1, Woof (Jo Richards)
2, Estrella (John Mulcahy)
3, Madelaine (Ed and Bella Donald, Liesa Jones & Mike Stoner)

1, Phaedo 3 ()
2, Tranwall ()

Contessa 32
1, Drumbeat (Eldred Himsworth)
2, Blanco (Raymond Rouse)
3, Gualin (Rob Duke and Oli Donaghy)

Cruiser (Div A)
1, Bewick Of Cowes (Bewick Partnership)
2, Magic (Graham Nixon)
3, Giuliana (Mike Rowlatt)

Cruiser (Div B)
1, Haggis 2 (Rebecca Buchanan)
2, Sheevra (Jonathan & Pippa Wallis)
3, Whisper (Peter Bainbridge)

1, Dauntless (Giles Peckham)
2, Decoy (Andrew Norton, Sir Richard Ottaway, Julian Goodwin, Mike Hol)
3, Doublet (John Corby)

1, Bear (Martin Payne)
2, Jerboa (Gavia Wilkinson-Cox)
3, Naiad (Mike Hayles)

1, China Wight (Nick Stagg)
2, Ice (Andrew Cooper)
3, Exabyte 7 (Shaun Frohlich)

Fast 40+
1, Otra Vez (William Coates)
2, Girls On Film (Peter Morton)
3, Invictus (Sir Keith Mills - Owner/Helm; Rob Greenhalgh - Tactician)

Flying 15
1, Men Behaving Badly (Rupert and John Mander)
2, Fram Freyr (Richard Drabble)
3, Black (Nick Clarke)

1, Fer De Lance (Alex Locke, Anthony Locke, Glyn Lock and David Chapman)
2, Yeti (Jack Davies)
3, J Curve (Ali Hall)

1, Jat (Kevin Sproul, Chris Taylor)
2, Mockingjay (Chris Body)
3, Jester (Mike Lewis)

1, Joule (Arjen van Leeuwen)
2, Jolene (Clementi, Sheldon, Stanley, Walker)
3, Team Mandrake (Nick Burns)

1, Jelvis (Martin Dent)
2, McFly (Tony Mack)
3, Sweeny (Paul van Driel)

1, Scuttle (Noel Dobbs)
2, Sheen (Ben Few Brown)
3, Adastra (Guy Mattinson)

Quarter Ton
1, Bullit (Louise Morton)
2, Blackfun (Tony Hayward)
3, Flashheart (Jeff Dakin and George Webb)

1, Snowgoose 2 (Jonathan, Oliver and Edward Nainby-Luxmoore)
2, Quail (Wilson, Peel, Bunbury)
3, Banzai II (Mr and Mrs Nick Rowton-Lee, Mr and Mrs Rory Morrison)

RS Elite
1, Riff Raff (Russell Peters)
2, Lazy Daisy (Andy & Karen Partington, Gareth Edwards)
3, Aeolius (Ossie Stewart)

1, Sweaty Betty (Mr David Atkinson)
2, Trouble And Strife (George Chilvers)
3, L.O.S. (Robert Corbally, Joe Hemmant, Tom Hemmant)

Sigma 33
1, Stan The Boat (Toby Gorman)
2, Workout (Jeff Worboys)
3, Prospero Of Hamble (Allan Fraser)

Sigma 38
1, Quatrosolutions (Quatrosolutions Pandanova)
2, Sam (Peter Hopps, Hilary Cook & Serena Alexander)
3, Rho (Equinox Sailing/Simon Wilson)

1, Bertie (Alistair Barter)
2, Mandeville Bsst (John Robertson, Hannah Stodel, Steve Thomas and Adam Greaves)
3, Dolphin (Barry Byham and Simon Clarke)

Sportsboat (Div 1)
1, Pegasus Dekmarx (Moto Comp DekMarx)
2, Eat, Sleep, J, Repeat (Paul Ward)
3, Sabriel Jr (Dirk & Dianne van Beek)

Sportsboat (Div 2)
1, Spider Pig (Rob & Lucinda Mclean)
2, Midnight Cowboy (Steph Merry)
3, Premier Cru (Tom Richardson)

1, Rehydrated (Nigel Grogan)
2, Hussar (Martin Harrison)
3, Incendio (David Lloyd)

1, Danny (Roger Wickens)
2, Melody (Commander John Ford)
3, Firefly (Stewart Reed)

Sunsail Match F40
1, Cyberark (CyberArk)
2, Sailing Forever (Sailing Forever)
3, Cazenove (Cazenove)

1, Migrant (Charles Fisher, Richard Thompson and Nigel Glennie)
2, Avocet (John Houghton)
3, Solitude (AJ Lunch and AM Reid)

1, Pelican (Hugh Pringle)
2, Ziva (Mark and Joanna Dennington & Jim Downing)
3, Zelia (Geoff and Sarah Dixon & David Price)

X One Design
1, Madeleine (Robert Bedford, Andrew Treadrey)
2, Lass (Richard Bullock, Jeremy Lear & Ian Andrew)
3, Magic Dragon (Andy Oddie, Freddie Blencke, Kevin Lindsay & Justin Eede)