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Cowes Week - Day 3 classic Cowes Week running start

The Solent delivered a north-westerly breeze that varied from eight knot lulls to 25 knot gusts for Day 3 of this year’s Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week.

The Black Group yachts starting on the Bramble line first headed to the east on a tight spinnaker reach.

The wind was down to 10 knots for the start of IRC Class 3, where Jonathan Blanshard’s First 40.7 Space Race was one of the first boats away at the northern end of the line.

Mike Birmingham’s Corby 34 Oxygen lll was also well placed at the gun, but lost out in the early stages when they set a Code 0, instead of a spinnaker.

The White Group dayboats starting on the Royal Yacht Squadron line initially faced a very different challenge, short tacking against the tide along the Island shore.

The Victory fleet made a more aggressive approach to the line than earlier starters, with two boats over at the start.

Hugh Pringle’s Pelican returned immediately, followed around 40 seconds later by Gareth Penn’s Zircon.

After the first few tacks Duncan Evans’ Peregrine led the fleet, ahead of Mark and Joanna Dennington and Jim Downing’s Ziva and Kim and Sally Taylor’s Zest.

Pelican eventually made her way back up through the fleet to finish third, astern of Ziva and John Scammell and Maxine Reeves’ Zinnia.

AAM Cowes Week 2016 - Day 3 leading results

IRC Class 0
1, Lady Mariposa R (James Bolingbroke)
2, Leeloo (Harold Vermeulen)
3, Katsu Team Strathclyde (Katsu Team Strathclyde)
4, Tonnerre 4 (P.W. Vroon)
5, Pyr Conviction (Performance Yacht Racing)

IRC Class 1
1, Spirit Of Jacana (Alan, Bruce & James Douglas)
2, Zero II (James Gair)
3, Erivale III (Michael Greville)
4, Juno (Christopher Daniel)
4, Eclectic (Colin Campbell)

IRC Class 2
1, La Reponse (Andrew McIrvine)
2, Tilt (Alex & Andy Moore)
3, Gallivanter (Tor McLaren)
4, Shadowfax (David Rolfe)
5, Xinska (Bernard Olesinski)

IRC Class 3
1, Yes! (Adam Gosling)
2, Incognito (Paul McNamara & Tony Lowe)
3, Salvo (Mr and Mrs Peter Morton)
4, Optim'X (Frank Lang)
5, Saffier Nitro (Dennis Hennevanger)

IRC Class 4
1, Iba Sailing Team (Olivier Legrain)
2, Antilope (Willem Wester)
3, Dunkerque-Les Dunes (Philippe Bourgeois)
4, Alaris (John Howell)
5, Strait Dealer (David Franks)

IRC Class 5
1, Winsome (Harry J. Heijst)
2, Upstart (Robin Stevenson)
3, Jaywalker (Bob and Jon Baker)
4, Haven K-J Enigma (Ian Braham)
5, Blackjack II (Andy Howe)

IRC Class 6
1, Two Frank (Sam Flint & Olly Love)
2, Finola (Chris and Roger Frost)
3, Icom Cool Blue (Simon Cory)
4, Silver Shamrock (Stuart Greenfield)
5, Crakajax (Richard & Ursula Hollis)

IRC Class 7
1, Woof (Jo Richards)
2, Madelaine (Ed and Bella Donald, Liesa Jones & Mike Stoner)
3, Mandarin (Paul Dunstan)
4, Estrella (John Mulcahy)
5, Hubble Bubble (Dave Wright)

Beneteau Figaro 2
1, 0Seachange (0seachange)
2, Artemis 37 (Artemis 37)
3, Artemis 23 (Artemis 23)
4, Chatham (Chatham)
5, Artemis 43 (Artemis 43)

Contessa 32
1, Drumbeat (Eldred Himsworth)
2, Blanco (Raymond Rouse)
3, Gualin (Rob Duke and Oli Donaghy)
4, Nimbus (Charles Hill)
5, Mary Rose Tudor (Ed Bell)

Cruiser (Div A)
1, Magic (Graham Nixon)
2, Bewick Of Cowes (Bewick Partnership)
3, Caveman (Nik Atkinson, Frazer Venters)
4, Arcadian (Simon Grigg / Anne Jackson)
5, Great Escape Of Soton (Great Escapes Yachting)

Cruiser (Div B)
1, Tudor Rose (Ian Cooke)
2, Whisper (Peter Bainbridge)
3, Sheevra (Jonathan & Pippa Wallis)
4, Dabra (Ian Miller)
5, Riot (Peter Scholfield and Melissa Ashcombe)

1, Dauntless (Giles Peckham)
2, Doublet (John Corby)
3, Decoy (Andrew Norton, Sir Richard Ottaway, Julian Goodwin, Mike Hol)
4, Destroyer (David Sherriff)
5, Dynamite (Doug Harckham)

1, Aimee (Graham Bailey)
2, Bear (Martin Payne)
3, Christianna (Oliver and Francesca Morgan)
4, Ecstatic (Eric Williams)
5, Jerboa (Gavia Wilkinson-Cox)

1, Sumo (Martin Evans)
2, Exabyte 7 (Shaun Frohlich)
3, Ice (Andrew Cooper)
4, China Wight (Nick Stagg)
5, Bon Vivant (Robert Elliott)

Fast 40+
1, Girls On Film (Peter Morton)
2, Invictus (Sir Keith Mills - Owner/Helm; Rob Greenhalgh - Tactician)
3, Otra Vez (William Coates)
4, Antix (Anthony O'Leary)
5, Pace (Johnny Vincent)

Flying 15
1, Men Behaving Badly (Rupert and John Mander)
2, Freddie Flintoff (Will Heritage)
3, Black (Nick Clarke)
4, Fifty Fifty (Andrew Millband)
5, Ffuraha (Mike Boll & Gil McCutcheon)

J/70 (Race 5)
1, Just In Time (Gordon Nickel, Morten Nickel, Nils Farber, Nick Schlomka)
2, J Curve (Ali Hall)
3, Yeti (Jack Davies)
4, Team Rafbf Spitfire (Simon Ling)
5, Cosmic (Patrick Liardet)

J/70 (Race 6)
1, Just In Time (Gordon Nickel, Morten Nickel, Nils Farber, Nick Schlomka)
2, Team Rafbf Spitfire (Simon Ling)
3, Fer De Lance (Alex Locke, Anthony Locke, Glyn Lock and David Chapman)
4, Cosmic (Patrick Liardet)
5, Elizabeth (Claire Lasko)

1, Betty (Jon Powell)
2, Mockingjay (Chris Body)
3, Jat (Kevin Sproul, Chris Taylor)
4, Jackaroo (Edward Pearson)
5, Jester (Mike Lewis)

1, Team Mandrake (Nick Burns)
2, Boo (Neil McGrigor)
3, Diamond Jem (Robert Stiles)
4, Jumping Jellyfish (David Richards)
5, Jolene (Clementi, Sheldon, Stanley, Walker)

1, McFly (Tony Mack)
2, Sweeny (Paul van Driel)
3, Kestrel (Simon Bamford)
4, Jelvis (Martin Dent)
5, British Soldier (British Army U25 Team)

1, Sheen (Ben Few Brown)
2, Adastra (Guy Mattinson)
3, Dragonfly (Anthony Ward)
4, Bluebell (Mike Smith & Charles Tilley)
5, Scuttle (Noel Dobbs)

Quarter Ton
1, Blackfun (Tony Hayward)
2, Aguila (Sam Laidlaw)
3, Diamond (Jamie McDowell)
4, Bullit (Louise Morton)
5, Flashheart (Jeff Dakin and George Webb)

1, Toucan (Colin & Becky Samuelson and Peter Harvey)
2, Harlequin (John Raymond)
3, Banzai II (Mr and Mrs Nick Rowton-Lee, Mr and Mrs Rory Morrison)
4, Capella II (Hugo Cuddigan, Edward Butler, Mike Orange)
5, Snowgoose 2 (Jonathan, Oliver and Edward Nainby-Luxmoore)

RS Elite
1, Riff Raff (Russell Peters)
2, Way To Blue (Nick Peters)
3, Pipe.... (Alex Mathieson)
4, Foudafafa (Mike McIntyre)
5, Shaken Not Stirred (Colin Smith, Paul Smith)

SB20 (Race 5)
1, Rumbleflurg (Martin Lossie)
2, Sportsboatworld.Com (Jerry Hill)
3, Tohatsu Outboards (Alec and Clairey Russell)
4, Sharc (Charlie Sheppard)
5, Radley College (Harry Barker)

SB20 (Race 6)
1, Un'Altra Claudia (Carlo Brenco)
2, Sportsboatworld.Com (Jerry Hill)
3, Sweaty Betty (Mr David Atkinson)
4, Xcellent (John Pollard)
5, Tohatsu Outboards (Alec and Clairey Russell)

Sigma 33
1, Workout (Jeff Worboys)
2, Prospero Of Hamble (Allan Fraser)
3, Blues (David Sanger)
4, Spirit Of Kudu (Mark Watkins)
5, Chaser (David Cheney)

Sigma 38
1, With Alacrity (Chris & Vanessa Choules & Friends)
2, Sam (Peter Hopps, Hilary Cook & Serena Alexander)
3, Quatrosolutions (Quatrosolutions Pandanova)
4, Rho (Equinox Sailing/Simon Wilson)
5, Sigmania (David Linton)

1, Bertie (Alistair Barter)
2, Dolphin (Barry Byham and Simon Clarke)
3, Pisces (David Peerless)
4, Discard (Chris Jago)
5, Mandeville Bsst (John Robertson, Hannah Stodel, Steve Thomas and Adam Greaves)

Sportsboat (Div 1)
1, Pegasus Dekmarx (Moto Comp DekMarx)
2, J-Dream (David & Kirsty Apthorp)
3, Sabriel Jr (Dirk & Dianne van Beek)
4, Fomo (Lloyd Thornburg)
5, Eat, Sleep, J, Repeat (Paul Ward)

Sportsboat (Div 2)
1, Spider Pig (Rob & Lucinda Mclean)
2, V1 (Jo Gillespie)
3, Premier Cru (Tom Richardson)
4, Rogan Josh (Powell / Sutherland)
5, Midnight Cowboy (Steph Merry)

1, Hussar (Martin Harrison)
2, Rehydrated (Nigel Grogan)
3, Firecracker Too (Andrew Porteous & Jerry Westbrook)
4, Incendio (David Lloyd)
5, Wizard (Ben & Chris Gibson)

1, Fay (Richard Pearson)
2, Melody (Commander John Ford)
3, Firefly (Stewart Reed)
4, Danny (Roger Wickens)
5, Misty (Humphrey Van der Klugt)

Sunsail Match F40
1, Sailing Forever (Sailing Forever)
2, Deloitte Green (Deloitte Green)
3, Tenzing Private Equity (Tenzing Private Equity)
4, Red Funnel (Red Funnel)
5, Deloitte Black (Deloitte Black)

1, Archon (Sir Malcolm Green)
2, Migrant (Charles Fisher, Richard Thompson and Nigel Glennie)
3, Solitude (AJ Lunch and AM Reid)
4, Svala (Sam Jenkins, Eerik Toom, Jonny Taylor)
5, Harrier (James Pinder)

1, Zinnia (John Scammell and Maxine Reeves)
2, Ziva (Mark and Joanna Dennington & Jim Downing)
3, Pelican (Hugh Pringle)
4, Shearwater II (Russell Mead)
5, Zelia (Geoff and Sarah Dixon & David Price)

X One Design
1, Xcitation (Roger Yeoman / Mike Moss)
2, Gleam (J. Meaning)
3, Sirena (Neil Payne and Dugald & Nicola Henderson)
4, Silver Wind (Richard Batchelor)
5, Lass (Richard Bullock, Jeremy Lear & Ian Andrew)