A new look at the traditional centre line mast arrangement

Back in 2009 Lila Lou Design developed 'Ankida' as an example of what they saw as the natural progression for sailing yachts, with a new look at the traditional centre line mast arrangement: "the most fundamental aspect of which is the mast, rig and keel configuration, moving away from a traditional centre line mast arrangement in order to structurally integrate the entire set-up with the hull and superstructure, making all wind generated forces work homogeneously with the craft, thus maximizing the propulsion efficiency."

Ankida by Lila Lou DesignClick image for a larger image

The sail layout and operation is designed to allow for the greatest surface area coverage and optimal positioning in relation to the wind direction and conditions. To compensate for the leverage created by it's massive sail area, the keel bulb position automatically adjusts left-to-right to optimize the centre of mass, thus gaining the best performance.

The design relies heavily on the full automation of the mechanics of its operation. Harnessing free energy, several vertical axis, wind turbines are located between the two masts that supply power for onboard electrical systems, making Ankida a truly wind powered vessel.

LILA-LOU London is a Yacht, Architecture and Interior Design practice based in London with satellite offices near Geneva, Switzerland and Sicily, Italy. Specialising in 2D and 3D architectural drawings combined with detailed specifications.


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3 February 2013 11:59 GMT


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