Rickham and Birrell lead SKUD18 Europeans

Alexandra Rickham and Niki Birrell lead the Skud 18 European Championships in Arbon, Switzerland after Day 1, winning both the opening day races. Second are the Italian pair, Marco Gualandris and Marta Zanetti. Lindsey Burns, Frensham SC, leads the Access 2.3 fleet from Fernando Pinto of Portugal. In the Access 303 single, Zoltan Pegan of Haungary won the first race. Margaret Foreman from Frensham SC is in sixth. In the Access 303 double event, Joshua Rothenhäusler and Dominique Scheller lead from Roger Lieberherr and Christian Hiller, both teams of Switzerland. SKUD18 - European Championship (10 entries)1. GBR 057 Alexandra RICKHAM / Niki BIRRELL, QMSC 1 1.00 1 1.00 2.00pts 2. ITA 54 Marco GUALANDRIS / Marta ZANETTI, AVAS Lovere CVAA 2 2.00 2 2.00 4.00pts3. ESP 41 Diana CANTALEJO / Francisco VILLA, RFEV-IBERDROLA, 4 4.00 33.00 7.00pts