Finn Europeans - Hiener takes opening race

Nicholas Heiner of Holland was winner of the opening race of the Finn European Championship in Cádiz, Spain.Nicholas Heiner of Holland -

Heiner won ahead of Caleb Paine of the USA with Facundo Oleezza of Argentina in third.

Defending champion Jonathan Lobert of France finished in fourth, with Oliver Tweddell of Australia fifth and Josh Junior of New Zealand sixth.

Best placed British competitors were Ed Wright in ninth place and Henry Wetherell (U23) in 19th place.

Race 2 was abandoned near top mark as wind dropped too low and fleet returned to the harbour.

Finn Europeans - Day 1 after Race 1 (89 entries)

1st NED 89 Nicholas HEINER SeniorW 1 pts
2nd USA 6 Caleb PAINE SeniorM 3 pts
3rd ARG 48 Facundo OLEZZA SeniorM 3 pts
4th FRA 112 Jonathan LOBERT SeniorM 4 pts
5th AUS 261 Oliver TWEDDELL SeniorM 5 pts
6th NZL 24 Josh JUNIOR SeniorM 6 pts
7th TUR 21 Alican KAYNAR SeniorM 7 pts
8th POL 17 Piotr KULA SeniorM 8 pts
9th GBR 11 Edward WRIGHT SeniorM 9 pts
10th CZE 5 Ondrej TEPLY U23M 10 pts
11th GER 25 Max KOHLHOFF SeniorM 11 pts
12th NZL 61 Andy MALONEY SeniorM 12 pts
13th ESP 26 Joan CARDONA MENDEZ U23M 13 pts
14th IRL 9 Oisin MCCLELLAND SeniorM 14 pts
15th ESP 17 Pablo GUITIAN SeniorM 15 pts
16th FRA 9 Guillaume BOISARD U23M 16 pts
17th BRA 109 Jorge ZARIF SeniorM 17 pts
18th POL 16 Mikolaj LAHN SeniorM 18 pts
19th GBR 71 Henry WETHERELL U23M 19 pts
20th EST 2 Deniss KARPAK SeniorM 20 pts
Other GBR:
29th GBR 91 Ben CORNISH
49th GBR 96 Hector SIMPSON
57th GBR 28 Jack ARNELL
63rd GBR 581 Alex ATKINS
66rd GBR 98 Cameron TWEEDLE
71st GBR 38 Callum DIXON

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