Palma World Cup deals a new hand for the finals

In the second half of the Palma World Cup competitors carried their overall positions from the Qualifying series to the Final series, and with three races completed Thursday a new hand has been dealt. For the GBR sailors, Sophie Weguelin and Eilidh Mcintyre keep their lead with a clean-sheet in the 470, as does Giles Scott in the Finn. Bryony Shaw takes the lead in the RS:X after two race wins, but Alison Young slipped to second in the Radial after her winning run came to an end with a 3, 2, 4.

Scott, the Finn World and European Champion in 2011, has been sailing with the Luna Rossa AC team, but has returned to the Finn to compete in the Palma and Hyeres World Cup regattas this month. Scott admits to finding the switch back from a 72 foot America’s Cup multihull to the 14 foot Finn a refreshing change, and is pleased to have seemingly not lost too much of his form, with two more days of the regatta to go.

Two wins and a third put him eight points clear of Jan Postma of the Netherlands with Andrew Mills and Mark Andrews taking third and fourth.

Luke Patience and Joe Glanfield hang on to their second place in the men's 470, being able to drop a 21 in the race 2 today. While the Aussie pair Mat Belcher and Will Ryan continue to pound out the race wins.

Sophie Weguelin and Eilidh Mcintyre keep their lead with a clean-sheet in the 470Click image for a larger image

The 49er was a turn-over with Stevie Morrison and Ben Rhodes coming through as leaders but losing it all and finishing the day in fourth, while Erik Heil and Thomas Ploessel of Germany started the day in eighth and finished it in first, winning all there races. Dave Evans and Edward Powys stay in second.

Charlotte Dobson and Sophie Ainsworth improved from sixth to third in the FX, but Ida Marie Baad Nielsen and Marie Thusgaard Olsen of Denmark consolidated their lead with three victories to keep a clean-sheet.

Alison Young drops to second but with the same points as Radial leader Sarah Gunni of Denmark with Tatiana Drozdovskaya moving into third. Tonci Stipanovic leads the Laser from Australia's Tom Burton and Philipp Buhl of Germany. Alex Mills Barton is eighth and Nick Thompson 13.

In the RS:X Bryony Shaw jumped into the lead after two race wins, ahead of Maayan Davidovich of Israel and Blanca Manchon of Spain. In the men's event Ivan Pastor of Spain takes the lead from Julien Bontemps of France, with Tom Squires best placed GBR in tenth.

The Dutch teams lead the Nacra17 with Mandy Mulder and Thijs Visser just edging the lead from Renee Groeneveld and Karel Begemann, with Moana Vaireaux and Manon Audinet of France in third. Lucy Macgregor and Tom Phipps hold the best GBR place, in eighth.

The 2.4mR are doing a normal series and Bjernar Erikstad of Norway now leads after a run of three victories, by one point from Megan Pascoe. Racing in the 2.4 concludes on Friday. For the rest action in Palma resumes Friday as the places for the Medal Races are decided.

Leading results Princess Sofia World Cup in Palma, Mallorca

470 Men - Final Series
1 AUS 11 Mat Belcher / Will Ryan 0 pts
2 GBR 863 Luke Patience / Joe Glanfield 8 pts
3 GRE 1 Panagiotis Mantis / Pavlos Kagialis 8 pts

470 Women - Final Series
1 GBR 862 Sophie Weguelin / Eilidh Mcintyre 0 pts
2 BRA 177 Fernanda Oliveira / Ana Barbachan 6 pts
3 CRO 111 Enia Nincevic / Romana Zupan 11 pts

49er - Final Series
1 GER 7 Erik Heil / Thomas Ploessel 0 pts
2 GBR 098 David Evans / Edward Powys 9 pts
3 DEN 3 Allan Norregaard / Alders Thomsen 12 pts
4 GBR 77 Stephen Morrison / Ben Rhodes 13 pts

49erFX - Final Series
1 DEN 1241 Ida Marie Baad Nielsen / Marie Thusgaard Olsen 0 pts
2 BRA 1006 Soffiati Grael / Kahena Larsen Kunze 11 pts
3 GBR 1245 Charlotte Dobson / Sophie Ainsworth 11 pts

Finn - Final Series
1 GBR 41 Giles Scott 0 pts
2 NED 842 Pieter Jan Postma 6 pts
3 GBR 85 Andrew Mills 9 pts
4 GBR 88 Mark Andrews 14 pts

Laser - Final Series
1 CRO 204731 Tonci Stipanovic 7 pts
2 AUS 199012 Tom Burton 8 pts
3 GER 203170 Philipp Buhl 8 pts
Leading GBR;
8 GBR 203084 Alex Mills Barton 29 pts
13 GBR 201402 Nick Thompson 37 pts

Laser Radial - Final Series
1 DEN 204750 Sarah Gunni 5 pts
2 GBR 202411 Alison Young 5 pts
3 BLR 204706 Tatiana Drozdovskaya 10 pts

Nacra17, Mixed Crew - Final Series
1 NED 040 Mandy Mulder / Thijs Visser 5 pts
2 NED 44 Renee Groeneveld / Karel Begemann 5,6 pts
3 FRA 065 Moana Vaireaux / Manon Audinet 10 pts
Leading GBR:
8 GBR 56 Lucy Macgregor / Tom Phipps 26 pts

RS:X Men - Final Series
1 ESP 7 Ivan Pastor Lafuetne 2 pts
2 FRA 6 Julien Bontemps 2 pts
3 GER 3 Toni Wilhelm 8 pts
Leading GBR:
10 GBR 931 Tom Squires 29 pts

RS:X Women - Final Series
1 GBR 94 Bryony Shaw 3 pts
2 ISR 10 Maayan Davidovich 8 pts
3 ESP 1 Blanca Manchon 10 pts

2.4mR - After 8 races, 1 discard
1 NOR 1 Bjernar Erikstad 7 pts
2 GBR 98 Megan Pascoe 8 pts
3 NED 1 Barend Kol 20 pts