World Sailing to review Laser and RS:X Olympic selection

World Sailing has decided to review the Men and Women's Windsurfer and the Men and Women's One Person Dinghy Olympic selection.

Following the adoption of World Sailing's new Antitrust Policy last year, World Sailing has now selected the initial Olympic Events which will undergo an antitrust review in 2018.

The purpose of a review is to ensure there is fair and open competition at regular intervals for the equipment for an Olympic Event.

The current single hander equipment, the Laser/Radial, was originally selected for the Olympics in 1974 and the Windsurfer equipment, the RS:X, was originally selected in 2005.

The antitrust review procedures are separate from the ongoing sport review of the Events and Equipment for the 2024 Olympic Competition announced recently.

World Sailing has some crucial deadlines in 2018 with regard to the choice of the 2024 Olympic classes.

1. By May 2018, World Sailing must decide the Events for the 2024 Olympic Games

2. By November 2018, World Sailing must decide the Equipment (the actual boat classes) being used for 2024, unless new equipment trials are recommended.

3. No later than November 2019, any new boat classes (for 2024) must be selected.

The review process will allow the existing Olympic Equipment for the Event, along with any new Classes or manufacturers who wish to have their equipment included in the Olympic Games, to tender for inclusion.

The deadline for submissions is eight weeks before the Council meeting.

This means the submission deadline for classes to be considered for the 2024 Olympics is Monday 19 March 2018.

World Sailing has produced a Frequently Asked Questions document available here.

The tender process will review all aspects of the equipment (including suitability for the Olympic Event and its competitors, prices, manufacturing, availability and supply around the world).

This is to ensure that the risk of monopolies is reduced and ensures that manufacturers do not become complacent, remain price-competitive and produce high-quality equipment.

The procedures and criteria for the re-evaluation will be approved and published by World Sailing at its Mid-Year Meetings in May 2018 and the final outcome of the review will be decided in November 2018.

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