Lucy Macgregor switches to Olympic Catamaran

Britain's matchracing star, Lucy Macgregor, has announced that she will change class to the new Olympic catamaran for Rio 2016. Now that match racing is out for the Rio Games, Macgregor has decided to try for the Team GBR berth in the new Olympic Nacra 17 class - a mixed male/female crewed event. Since October MacGregor has been sailing with Tom Phipps, a double ISAF Youth champion, he won the Dart 18 World Championships in 2012.

Although the first of the new Olympic class Nacra 17 boats is not expected to arrive until January 2013, the RYA have been running a cat training squad on four teams coached by Steve Lovegrove. For MacGregor it has been about getting to grips with sailing a catamaran where the speed aspect is all, after seven years in the slow speed, tactical Yngling and then match racing.

After Christmas MacGregor and Phipps will start full-on training again and setting their campaign up with getting sponsors on board. Lucy comments in her blog: "I’ve not really been in a gym in the past few months either but all that will change after Christmas! I’m beginning to see what the next four years might look like now and that’s filled Tom and I with a lot of confidence about what may be possible. It’s very exciting."

Production of the Nacra 17 is spread over three continents and has been fine-tuned and the quality control has been optimised with the expectation to develop a class with a high one-design integrity and the best possible reliability.

The Nacra 17 will be out of the box ready to go sailing, to put it simply, plug and play with equal equipment for every sailor. The Nacra 17 one-design class rules will be published soon to make sure the class will keep its strict one-design integrity.