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Windsurfer v Kiteboard goes to Council

Last minute news last night was that the ISAF Events Committee had not only approved Submission 055-12 which calls for the RS:X windsurfer to be reinstated in place of the kiteboard, but they also approved Submission 020-12.Submission 020-12 seems to be a move to make sure that there is no legal bar to making the changes, as 055-12 is a direct proposal to change Regulation 23.1.4 (the slate of Olympic classes) by replacing the kiteboard events with windsurfer events. And 020-12 proposes to allow the Council to be able to make changes to Regulation 23.1.4 (the slate of Olympic classes) closer in time to the Olympic Games than permitted in regulation 23.1.3.

As Richard Gladwell has pointed out: "In May, at its Mid-Year Meeting, the Events Committee voted by a 17-2 majority to retain Windsurfing as an Olympic Event, however that was overturned by the ISAF Council, who decided to insert Kiteboarding into the Olympic program."

In the fall-out after that massive Council about face, several voting members claimed to have been confused as to what they were actually voting for, will they be able to claim the same this time around?

In the ISAF pre-conference press release it stated, "The Olympic events and equipment are defined in Regulation 23.1.4 and it is also defined that Council can only make changes to this Regulation and the timeframes detailed in Regulation 23.1.3 if at least 75% of votes cast are in favour of a motion to do so. If this 75% is not reached then the Events and Equipment confirmed by the ISAF Council in May 2012 will stand."

And do not forget the final twist in the tail available to the Annual General Meeting of the ISAF Member National Authorities on Saturday. Apparently they can review any Regulations made or amended by the Council since November 2011 by a simple majority of votes of those present and entitled to vote.

Regulation 23.1.3 covers the time limits for changing Events/Equipment prior to an Olympic Games See page 58 of the document here. And Regulation 23.1.5 refers to: "Any recommendation or decision to select a Core Event or Core Equipment shall require at least two-thirds of votes cast to be in favour of the recommendation or decision."