Events Committee approve submission to re-instate RS:X

ISAF Blog reports that - The Events Committee approved submission 055-12 which would see men's and women's RS:X in the 2016 Olympic Games. This is their recomendation to the Council and the final Council vote is to be held on Friday the 9th. So there is still another hurdle to overcome, it's a bit like watching a "three-card-trick" game.

Submission 055-12, by the International Raceboard Class Association requests that - They re-instate windsurfing for the 2016 Olympic Sailing Competition and select the best events and equipment to represent sailing in the Olympic Games - And - To amend the slate of events currently selected.

Proposed that Regulation 23.1.4 is amended in accordance with regulation 23.1.7 as follows:
Men's Kiteboarding replaced by Men’s Windsurfer – RS:X
Women's Kiteboarding replaced by Women’s Windsurfer – RS:X

The Submission 055-12 is available here

G New
7 November 2012 14:16 GMT