How practical is Kiteboard/Windsurfer compromise?

The practicality of the compromise proposal (Submission 051-12) to create a mixed event for each of the board disciplines is to be discussed at a working party, made up of wind and kite experts and sailors, on Wednesday. This slight-of-hand work around to re-instate the windsurfer back into the Rio Olympics is necessary to maintain the total number of medals at ten. The Men's Kiteboarding replaced with - Mixed (Two Person) Kiteboarding and the Women's Kiteboarding replaced with - Mixed (Two Person) Windsurfing.Also in order to keep the overall sailor count the same as 2012 this would mean a maximum of 16, two person teams in each of the events. This would put considerable pressure on qualification for the reduced number of slots, compared to 2012, in each of these events, which it was intended would be popular introduction events for countries with little sail racing history.