Final day at Gazprom Swan European Regatta

Double Swan owner Edward Leask GBR has retained his European title from 2011, being crowned the Gazprom Swan European Regatta Champion for Class A racing his Club Swan 42 Magical Mystery Tour. Winning with a race to spare Vladimir Liubomirov helming his Swan 60 Bronenosec (RUS) took the inaugural title of Gazprom Swan 60 World Champion with six solid firsts across 12 races. The Swan 45 World Champion title goes to Philippe Mortgat and Patrick Van Heurck’s entry Samantaga (BEL).

Class B racing was too close to predict the winner going into the final 2 races today, Ray Mitchell’s Swan 411 Accomplice (GBR) put in serious effort today to pull through into first.

Leader of Class C home to some of the most traditional Swans has the most consistent set of results across all the fleets, British owner Chris Frost racing with his daughter on their Swan 36 Finola has much to celebrate as new European Champions with a record win in all races.

Provisional Overall Results:

Gazprom Swan 60 World Championship
1 – Bronenosec (RUS) - Vladimir Liubomirov
2 – Knights of Crevichon (GBR) - Sir Peter Ogden
3 – Tsaar Peter (BVI) - Igor Frolov

Swan 45 World Championship
1 – Samantaga (BEL) - Philippe Mortgat / Patrick Van Heurck
2 – VanUden (NED) - VanUden Group
3 – WISC (GBR) - Glynn Williams

Gazprom Swan European Regatta

Class A:
1 – Magical Mystery Tour (GBR) - Edward Leask
2 – Brevity (GBR) - Mark Devereux
3 – Yellow Drama IV (GBR) - Stephen Matthews / Roger Barber

Class B:
1 – Accomplice (GBR) - Ray Mitchell
2 – Elan (GER) - Harald Baum
3 – Best Buddies (GER) - Kay-Johannes Wrede

Class C:
1 – Finola (GBR) - Chris Frost
2 – Moustique (GBR) - Alan Major
3 – Cisne (NED) - David Collins / Tony Thorpe