Golding expected to finish Wednesday afternoon

At 07:00 hrs Wedneday morning Mike Golding (Gamesa) had around 160 difficult miles left to finish to Les Sables d’Olonne and the finish line of the Vendée Globe. Golding is on course to take sixth place, around 80 miles behind Jean Le Cam. Golding will be the first person to have finished the race three times. Le Cam is currently 73 miles away from the finish line, progressing at an verage speed of 12 knots, with an ETA between 11:00 and 13:00 hrs. Golding should finish during the late afternoon, between 15:00 and 19:00 hrs local time.Golding: "At the moment all I am interested in is concentrating on dealing with the weather. My only focus right now is just concern to get through the weather right now safely. I have 40 knots of breeze and a really nasty sea state."

The weather conditions in the finish area are quite rough, with 3 to 4.5-metre swell and a 25-knot northwesterly wind.

Golding was making steady progress yesterday afternoon, modulating his speed to help his pump deal with the water ingress. "The water is filling up in the keel box and I have a lot of water in the boat, I am having to pump every hour and I am nervous about going too fast as it pressurises right to the top of the keel box and there is water coming out everywhere," Golding reported.

Tanguy de Lamotte / Initiatives-Coeur "I've just finished the lamination needed to plug the 3 big holes and the 2 smaller ones in the hull. It's not easy working like I had to, cutting fabric, mixing, putting resin, waiting for it to dry... But it's done! I'll be able to resume the race and I can test the waterproofness of it all. I'll still have to use the pump, I guess, but probably less often."

"OK, now it's time to tidy things up a bit, eat and get some rest."

Vendee Globe - Rankings Wednesday, 6 February 2013, 07:00 hrs (UK)
1. Macif, François Gabart - Finished
2. Banque Populaire, Armel Le Clac'h - Finished
3. HUGO BOSS, Alex Thomson - Finished
4. Virbac Paprec 3, Jean-Pierre Dick - Finished
Still Racing:
5. SynerCiel, Jean Le Cam, 67 nm
6. Gamesa, Mike Golding, 157 nm to finish
7. Mirabaud, Dominique Wavre, 687 nm
8. AKENA Vérandas, Arnaud Boissières, 797 nm
9. Votre Nom Autour du Monde avec EDM Projets, Bertrand de Broc, 1371 nm
10. Initiatives-coeur, Tanguy De Lamotte, 2464 nm
11. Team Plastique, Alessandro Di Benedetto, 2910 nm