Vendee Globe boat taking on water after collision

The technical team of Initiatives Coeur received a call from Tanguy de Lamotte at 03:18 (UTC) Sunday morning. Following a collision with an unidentified floating object the bottom of the starboard rudder is broken off, the port daggerboard is damaged and the daggerboard case is cracked with some water coming in.

Tanguy de Lamotte is determined that the damage to his rudder, daggerboard and daggerboard casing will not halt his progress towards the finish of his first Vendée Globe. He spent several hours almost stopped head to wind as he sought to make some running repairs.

His starboard rudder is broken and his port daggerboard is crushed, jammed in the daggerboard casing whilst it and some cracks around it are letting in water. As a former preparateur if there is anyone left in the race who has the skills as well as the drive to keep going, then Tanguy is the one:

"The daggerboard took the first of the impact, it is completely tilted back and cracked the daggerboard case. There is water entering the boat. I have been going slowly since and that allows me to limit the amount of water which comes in, especially protecting the boat’s electrics. The situation is under control but it is vital that I remove the daggerboard so I can plug the holes.”

Damage to Initiatives Coeur